Weight plates are one of the most popular pieces of equipment in all gyms and fitness centres. Due to the available range of weights, they are popular among both complete beginners and advanced lifters. They are the perfect tool for those who want to constantly push their limits and surpass their body's capabilities.

One of the biggest advantages of the weight plates is that you can always choose the right training weight. It is also a much more economical solution than buying sets of classic dumbbells, not to mention that the plates reqeuire less storage space. Weight plates are much more portable and if you get a suitable rack to go with them, you won't have any problems storing them. 

But how to choose the right weight plates? The main criterion is the compatibility of weight plate and bar diameters. The material is also important. You can find plenty of weight plates made of recycled rubber and cheap plastic compounds on the market . But these often don't last, they start to bend and their centres fall out. Bumper weight plates with a steel core and no plastic content are the ideal choice.

The base material of the plates is most often steel. Steel is highly durable and thus ensures a long service life. The problem is when the plates are thrown off - they can easily damage the gym floor. This is where the rubber and urethane coated discs come in handy. This coating will ensure a longer life for both the discs themselves and your gym. These treated discs are also often colour-coded according to weight, making it easier for gym-goers to navigate their workout.

Our bumper weight plates are weight balanced, have minimal bounce and are extremely durable. So you don't have to worry about your equipment or the safety of your gym visitors.