Who doesn't love cycling? The nature, the wind in your hair, sun on your back... but it's also one of the best cardio activities out there. You'll burn a huge amount of calories during the ride, not to mention you'll kick start your metabolism, which works much faster even after the ride is over. Plus, unlike running, it doesn't put as much strain on your hips and knees. But we don't want to talk about riding in the wilderness. We want to introduce you to an alternative to this great sport, thanks to which you won't have to move an inch away from your gym. We are referring to exercise machines simulating cycling, i.e. exercise bikes. 

One of the biggest advantage of exercise bikes is how easily you can incorporate riding into your workout. The mix of cardio and weight training is the perfect combination for shedding excess pounds and sculpting your physique. So if your aim is to get a nice fit physique, an exercise bike is the right choice for you. Plus, when pedaling, you'll be strengthening more muscles than you might think - the calves and thighs get the hardest work-out, but when set to a heavier load you'll also engage your glutes, core, lower back, shoulders and triceps.

There are many different kinds of exercise bikes. A folding exercise bike can be easily folded away so it doesn't take up too much space. This is especially useful for small home gyms. As it's easy to store in a trunk, you can even take it with you on your weekend cottage break! Then there are magnetic exercise bikes, which contain an electromagnetic braking system that can automatically and evenly dispense the desired load using an induction brake. Another type are low-intensity exercise bikes, suitable particularly for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

However, at StrongGear we offer an exercise bike that leaves all the others in the dust. It's called the Air Bike, and if you have a gym, it's an absolute must-have -  it's one of the best and most efficient machines that combines cardio and weight training in one. It's made from the highest quality steel and features a number of innovative solutions thanks to which it is deservedly considered a market leader.

Due to the special rubberized handles, using the bike will engage your whole body. When overcoming the load, you not only use your legs, but your arms, back and entire core are also heavily involved in the process. You can also ride the exercise bike without involving your legs - just place them on the special side handles and you can exercise only the upper body. The armrests are also extra reinforced so you can lean on them without reservations while strengthening your arms. The exercise bike has a massive central frame, which has been significantly strengthened compared to the previous versions. The result is a perfectly stable and solid base that can easily withstand even the most grueling workouts.