Once you've opened your dream gym, or perhaps set up a gym in your home, you'll need somewhere to put all the equipment you need. Ideally in a way that saves as much space as possible so you can exercise in an organised and safe environment. We know of many cases of people who have put the disc on the bench only to have it fall on their foot after a careless movement. And hand on heart - I'm sure you also find it much easier to practice when you don't have to wade through a pile of metal and find everything neatly in its place in the rack.

If you're not working out with weight bars, where the weights are attached permanently, but with axles on which the individual weights are mounted, you'll definitely start to accumulate discs in the gym. Five-pound ones for your shoulders, ten-pound ones for your biceps, and when you want to break your deadlift record, you might not even be able to count the number of weights. There are many different ways to store equipment, but we definitely recommend professional Racks for dumbbell discs because as mentioned above - safety first.

Any proper DIYer can probably make their own disc holders at home. However, it can easily happen that such a stand fails with the huge weights that are loaded on it and disaster can be in the world. Our reel stands, however, are made of solid steel that can withstand the strain of even the heaviest reels, making them perfectly safe.

At StrongGear, you'll find several ways in which the dumbbell discs can be stored. The most classic option is the large, tree-shaped racks for dumbbell discs - a total of six spikes lead from a central vertical bar onto which individual discs can be mounted. This type offers a large amount of storage space. The spines together are 190 cm long, so you can load 27 classic 10 kg StrongGear bumper discs and 45 1.5 kg fractional discs, for example. And that already sounds like a decent amount of stock. The bottom four spines are designed to hold classic 5 to 25kg discs, while the top two are designed to hold fractional discs.

    Another option offered is a small racks for dumbbell discs, which has only one vertical bar on which the individual weights are directly mounted from top to bottom. The great advantage of this type of racks for dumbbell discs is the unrivalled space saving it achieves. You can stack up to 13 pieces of 25kg racing bumper discs on the rack for a total of 325kg, easily saving a lot of space for other equipment. However, if you don't like the idea of having the exact disc you need lying all the way underneath, the large stand is a better option for you. 

    The biggest enthusiasts can then treat themselves to a real specialty with us in the form of a mobile reel holder. The sturdy steel construction is incredibly strong and the stand itself can hold reels of various sizes from 0.5 to 50 kg. The plastic castors and raised rubberised handle then ensure that when you want to get a proper load in on the other side of the gym, you won't have to carry one weight after another to do it.