Pull up bars and dip bars are an equipment for complex exercise and strengthening of the upper half of the body. They are among the most popular fitness tools, and for a good reason.

The pull up bar has a wide range of uses. It is most commonly used for strengthening the back muscles, through overhead and underhand push-ups and Australian pull-ups. It is also ideal for strengthening arm muscles. Last but not least, it is also useful for strengthening the abdominals through side and forward lunges.

There are several types of pull up bars, the most popular ones include the multi-functional, the wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. Their uses are very similar, it just depends on the space you have available and your preferred type of grip.

Dip bars are another indispensable tool for strengthening the upper half of the body. Their main advantage lies in their their small size, due to which they will find their place in any type of gym. The most popular exercises with the dip bar are definitely push-ups, but it supports a wide variety of exercises, especially exercises using your own weight. 

The pull up bars and dip bars are a must-have in your gym! Choose the best model for your needs at StrongGear.