Whether you're building a home gym or a professional gym, a power rack is a must-include item. This massive structure is particularly suited for training with weightlifting bars -  and especially for squats and benchpress. But the spectrum of use is much wider. It's a multifunctional tool that will find its place in your gym despite its larger size.

Among the greatest advantages of the power rack are its durability and robust construction, which gives it a really high load-bearing capacity. Also worth mentioning are the durable finish, stability and great variability of the height adjustment.

Some power racks also have a flat or multifunctional trapeze. As a result, you don't have to buy it and attach it to the wall separately. This way, power racks save you both time and money!

Due to all the mentioned qualities, the power racks and cages are extremely safe. This makes them popular with both beginners and advanced athletes of all ages. Their stability is supported by non-slip pads and a wide frame profile.

A variety of accessories can be attached to the power rack, such as gymnastic rings, boat ropes, expanders, TRX, bars and many other exercise tools.

Among the most popular exercises on power racks are weighted squats, where the rack provides a sense of security and stability. However, it can be used for exercising all muscle groups.

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