Universal Pull-up bar Strong

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Universal wall mounted pull-up bar, made of solid steel welding, allows 5 variants of grip with simple installation, suitable for home or gyms. More

Manufacturer: TRUESTEEL Product code: P00096 Shipping and Payment

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Universal wall mounted pull-up bar, made of solid steel welding, allows 5 variants of grip with simple installation, suitable for home or gyms. More

Manufacturer: TRUESTEEL Product code: P00096 Shipping and Payment

Universal wall mounted pull-up bar Strong with multifunctional use

A universal wall pull-up bar is suitable for strengthening of the upper body with 5 variations of the grip which can be changed thanks to a long grip section. Thanks to high load capacity of 300 kg the bar is perfect for individuals of all weight categories. This is one of the main differences from the competition. A number of fitness accessories can be affixed to the pull-up bar to create a multifunctional device. It helps with weight loss and muscle gain. The pull up bar has a rubberized grip surface and a special surface finish. You will appreciate versatility of this pull-up bar both at home and in the gym.

Best pull-up bar for you

Rival pull-up bars can be attached to the door, but they do not provide enough safety and space. You risk injury which is associated with falling. For taller people enough range of motion and a correct technique is not ensured. There are also limited exercise options and grip variations. A big minus is also the used material and limited stability. But our pull up bar is different - it is designed with maximum safety and functionality in mind.

Pull-up bar Strong - rubbered grip surface

Rubbered grip surface

Whatever you do, a safe and powerful grip is ensured by a special surface finish.

Pull-up bar Strong - support arms

Support arms

The support arms provide an extremely high load capacity of up to 300 kg.

Pull-up bar Strong - easily fixed to the wall

Easily fixed to the wall

Using eight bolts you can quickly and easily affix the pull-up bar to the wall and start to train.

Pull-up bar Strong - 300 kg maximum load

300 kg maximum load

A massive steel construction made of square tubes 50 x 50 x 1,5 mm allows training to individuals of all weight categories. Just be careful not to break the wall.

Pull-up bar Strong - TRX and resistant rubbers

Suitable for hanging TRX and resistance bands

The pull-up bar can also be used to hang TRX, resistance bands or expanders to enrich your training with a range of exciting exercises.

Pull-up bar Strong - space saving

Space saving

The multifunctional pull-up bar can be placed almost anywhere. Thanks to its compact size of 99,6 x 19 x 56,5 cm it will become a perfect tool in your training.

High durability

Thanks to high-quality processing without using plastic accessories, the pull up bar stands out for its high durability and long service life.

5 variants of grip

Five grip variants ensure perfect strengthening and toning of the back muscles. When you are doing pull ups you involve a large number of upper body muscles. Pull ups are often considered as a significant indicator of strength.

Suitable to home and for gyms.

By simply installing it on the wall you will create a perfect foundation for your home gym.


Improvement in each workout

Try adding one extra pull up every training and exceed your limits. Invite your friends and compare your performance with others.

Why are pull ups and hanging leg raises important:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the back, arms, abdomen and core
  • Prevent back pain
  • Strengthen the grip
  • Help burn fat
  • Create a bigger back and a narrow waist
  • Reduce mental stress

Muscle groups involved during pull ups and hanging leg raises

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Length 56,5 cm
Durable finish Yes
Diameter of the straight bars 25 mm
Dimensions of steel square tubes 50 x 50 mm
Width 99,6 cm
Weight 5 kg
Height 19 cm