Suspension system StrongX

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StrongX Multitrainer is an universal training equipment suitable for bodyweight training. Reinforced straps, metal carabine and buckles allow to train to individuals of all weight categories up to 150 kg. You will appreciate the versatility of this tool at home and in gyms. More

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The worldwide phenomenon that gets you

Suspension system StrongX is very versatile training equipment. It is a perfect sparring partner in shaping of body and getting the form back. Currently it is one of the most popular fitness equipment on the market. It is very difficult to find a place where they don't have it. Suspension system is popular among personal trainers. This equipment consists of two straps with rubberized handles and buckles. Buckles allow to change a length of the straps. You can train everywhere you want, just hang StrongX on bodyweight construction, rail, tree or door and start your workout. This equipment is light and easy to storage, so you can pack it up into your bag and go. With our suspension system you cannot say: I have no place to train. StrongX allows dozens of mounting options in different places. Training has never been more available. All you need is one equipment for perfect bodyweight training. You can strengthen all muscle groups that exists. You can also use it for stretching or for group class lessons.

StrongX - vhodné pro každého

Suitable for everyone

Training with this equipment is suitable for everyone. You don't have to be a sportsmen or professional athlete to proof the benefits of suspension system. It is ideal also for beginners.

StrongX - madla

Comfortable and durable handles

Ends of the straps are very durable with non-skid surface. They are comfortable for your hands and feet.

StrongX - popruhy

Adjustable straps

The buckle system allows quick and easy adjustment of strap lengths. StrongX is suitable for individuals of all height categories.

StrongX - set

Minimalistic dimension

You can easily pack your suspension system into the bag and go to train. Or you don't even need any backpack or bag, just simply throw it over your shoulder.

StrongX - spony

Metal buckles and carbine

The reason why our products are so good is simple. We do not save money on the materials if compared with the competition. Our buckles and carbines are made of steel which increases their load capacity and durability.

StrongX - snadné a rychlé uchycení

Easy and fast mounting

The safest option is to fix a suspension system to a steel construction. However, you can improvise and use the bar, tree, fence, door and more.

Train anytime, anywhere

You can really train with StrongX every time and everywhere. Add it to your suitcase for your vacation or hook it at home and train every free time.

Effective bodyweight training

As one of the few exercise equipment it allows you to train all the important muscle groups. It also offers an endless exercise variation.

High load capacity

With our StrongX Multitrainer you will see to train athletes and beginners as well. Maximum load capacity is 150 kg so you don't need to be afraid to use your weight.

Combine with other functional equipment

If you want to make training more effective you can use other equipment at the same time. For example: combination of Multitrainer and BOSU or weight-jacket and other.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can return for FREE all goods until 30 days without giving reason. This means that we pick up the goods that you want to return at your place for free and return the money to your account within 3 days after returning the goods. You need only to write an email to or call +420 777 670 947. The goods must be properly packed to avoid any damage during transportation and must in the same condition. We are not a rental. The guarantee is there for trying the equipment, not for its repeated use.

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