Soft plyobox

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The 3-in-1 Soft plyobox with a reinforced foam core and anti-skid vinyl surface. It protects the tool against damage. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00176

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Safe plyobox 3-in-1

Soft plyobox is one of the most stable plyoboxes on the market. It is very versatile because it offers 3 height variants. It will be appreciated by athletes or fitness fanatics who wants to increase strength and power. It is commonly used for plyometric training. If you find out during a workout that the physical activity is easy for you just turn the box.

It saves your money because it is space effective

The reinforced multi-layer foam core greatly increases safety and durability. The foam layer saves your joints during a workout. The vinyl surface protects against damage. An especially important fact for athletes is that the surface does not slip.


Non-skid surface

The vinyl layer (PVC) has a soft structure that prevents it against slipping. You will feel more stable and you can train harder.


3 in 1

You can choose from three different heights (51 cm, 61 cm or 76 cm) so this plyobox is ideal for a beginners and profi-athletes. Do not forget to increase your performance during every training session.


Durable foam layer

What makes your workout safer is a compressed foam layer under the vinyl cover. It will protect you and your box.


You do not have to worry about the vinyl (PVC) cover of the plybox. Just wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time. It will be shining like a new one.

High stability and durability

The box is very stable and it has got high load capacity up to 150 kg. It is reinforced by multilayer foam that keeps the right shape.

Space effective

Individual boxes are ideal for storing in the corner of the room or next to the wall. However, you can use them as a resting bench between sets.

Versatile equipment

You can train the upper and lower body with one fitness equipment. It offers a wide range of exercise for all.

Tabata training with plyobox

Tabata is a 4 minutes interval training that develop both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Parameters: 8 exercise, 20 sec. actions, 10 sec. rests, maximum intensity. Try to include this highly intense workout in your fitness program once a week and write us how you did.

  1. Box jump over
  2. Bulgarian squat with plyobox
  3. Skipping with box touch
  4. Lateral suffle
  5. Clapping push ups
  6. Triceps dips
  7. Burpees over the box
  8. Plank with moving hand over hand

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Length 76 cm
Width 50 cm
Weight 7 kg
Height 60 cm