Short Strong bar

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Short Strong bar is a chromed steel barbell with needle bearings and a lower weight and size than the standard Olympic bars. With a 28 mm grip diameter and 50 mm sleeves it is a very versatile barbell which is suitable for home and commercial gyms. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00078

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A professional barbell with parameters that you expect

A professional Olympic barbell that saves your space. Do you have limited space for your workout or you need to save space? In this case the Short strong Bar is good for you. It has basically the same features as our professional 220 cm long Olympic bars. But it has one important difference - shortened sleeves. The barbell length is 188 cm. Why 188 cm? Shortening of sleeves means lower weight. Our SSB weight is 15 kg and we wanted exact weight which is good for counting. Can you imagine the 16.7 kg or 13.4 kg barbell weight? We could not do that to you.

Train harder than ever before

If we would compare the Olympic and Powerlifter bars with our Short Strong bar, we would have found the difference in the length of the grip part. It also has IPF and IWF marking (rings on grip part). Sleeves has needle bearings and a length of 25,5 cm on each side. For this reason, it is suitable for smaller gyms where every centimeter play a role. Otherwise this bar has the same parameters as our Olympic: 28 mm grip diameter, chromed surface, extreme tensile strength and many more.

Short strong bar - chromování

Chromed surface

Bright silver hard chrome to make your bar protected from corrosion and with luxury design.

Short strong bar - úchop

Perfect grip diameter

The 28 mm grip diameter provides a secure and a strong grip even during heavy training.

Short strong bar - ložiska

Needle bearings

The bar spins slowly but smoothly. This adds even more to your stability. The last thing you want while performing deadlifts is the plates to spin furiously.

Short strong bar - úchyt

IWF and IPF marking

There is knurling with exact extent according to IWF (two rings 91 cm apart from each other) and IPF (two rings 81 cm apart from each other), so you quickly know where to grasp the bar.

Short strong bar - čepičky

New stylish caps

At the end of our bar with the grip and weight mark for the luxury design. The advantage is that your clients will always know how much they lift.

Short strong bar - vroubkování

Exact knurling, deep but gentle

The result is that the bar is stable and fixed in your hands. 

High quality steel

The bar is made of high quality steel. It has load capacity of 550 kg and it is perfect for your heavy weight training.

Perfectly balanced

Weight balance is a guarantee of a very good manufacture. Our product is perfectly balanced, so you get the barbell with exact weight.

Olympic diameter of sleeves

With 50 mm diameter you can load all standard Olympic plates. You do not have to buy any new or special plates for this type of diameter.

Universal bar

Just few bars will be perfectly universal such as SSB. It is suitable for young athletes, starters or women. But it is also possible to lift heavy weight because it is made of high quality steel.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Length 188 cm
Sleeves length 25,5 cm
Length of grip 131 cm
Bearings/bushings 4 best needle bearings
Max load 550 kg
Bar use Multipurpose, Lighter Weightlifting, Crossfit, Additional exercises, Technique rehearsal
Surface finish of sleeves Polished chrome
Surface finish of grip part Polished chrome
Sleeves diameter 50 mm
Grip diameter 28 mm
Center knurling Deep
Bar type Technique
Weight 15 kg
Knurling at gripping part Yes - depp knurling
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