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The Safety Squat bar is perfect for those looking to maximize power and strength. Our Safety Squat bar has maximal load capacity of 320 kg and rotates on 2 needle bearings. More

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The Safety Squat bar is perfect for those looking to maximize power and strength. Our Safety Squat bar has maximal load capacity of 320 kg and rotates on 2 needle bearings. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00010-1 Shipping and Payment

I remember it like it was yesterday...

I walk to the power rack with a barbell, I grip the bar firmly and set-up into the right position. I inhale deeply. I stabilize my posture and lift the barbell from hooks. One step back, another and one more to get ready, exhale and inhale deeply to stabilize again. I tighten every muscle of my body and get deeper and deeper to squat. I push my knees out and focus on sitting back. With the perfect technique I slowly get lower. But something is wrong. The barbell is too heavy for me and I'm leaning forward. I try to do my best but my knees fly from side to side. I bend the upper back and i am affraid because I do not even have the safety pins. I cannot throw the barbell away so I try even more and with a rustle, I finally get to the upright position. Ufff.

I return the barbell to the hooks and I'm glad I'm still alive.

This was the first testing of safety squat bar. Until then I had just read about it. Then I bought it to my home-gym and tried it. I was so pleased to have the bar that I totally forgot that squats with SSB are much harder than with the classic bar. I warmed up with an empty bar. Then I loaded two 20 kg plates on the bar. Then two more and it almost crushed me me.

Squats with SSB are for „weaklings“?

This can be said only by those who do not know how the SSB works and who never tried to work out with it. However, the Safety Squat Bar was originally used by the most powerful lifters of the Westside Barbell club notorious for their strength achievements. The women from this club lift more than 99% of average men are capable of and one of the reasons why is that they are using the Safety Squat Bar in training.

Improve your personal records and technique

SSB will strengthen your upper back and possibly enable you to fix the squat technique. Stagnant trainees will add a new incentive into training to regain strength of muscles. It is great to use SSB while learning the squat technique. Individuals who have problems holding the straight bar while performing squats will not have it with SSB. SSB suits well to rigid trainees and also to trainees after shoulder/arm injuries.

Be careful! To make the Safety Squat Bar work as it should it must be properly curved at the ends and have the right angle of the backrest. This activates and strengthens the upper back and additionally it forces the lifter to perform the squat with the correct technique, otherwise he would fall.

StrongGear Safety Squat Bar in details


Chromed surface

Thanks to polished chrome the bar has a luxury design and is protected from corrosion.


Stylish caps

Caps are at the end of our bars with highlighted weight. The advantage is that your clients know exactly how much they lift.


2 needle bearings

It allows rotation of the sleeves even if heavily loaded and it protects you from wrist injury.


Comfortable cushions

Great cushioning for comfortable feeling with maximum durability.


Side handles

Thanks to side handles the barbell will stay in stable position and will not move anywhere. You will feel safer and lift more weight.


Characteristic curve

Charasteristic curve at the end of the grips will greatly strengthen your lower back. SSB forces you to bend forward so you have to activate your core muscles more intensively.

Exact weight and measurements

These standards are determined for a good reason – to lift safely the heaviest possible weight.

Exact diameter of grip 30 mm

It allows the grip to remain stable and safe even in the hardest training.

Olympic diameter of sleeves

With 50 mm diameter you can load all standard Olympic plates. You do not have to buy any new or special plates for this type of diameter.

The capacity is 320 kg

Thanks to our quality materials the loading capacity of the SSB is 320 kg.

Five reasons why to buy Safety squat bar

If you hesitate to buy SSB there are five good arguments that will make your decision easier. This is a very universal barbell used by all types of athletes (powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders, etc.). It brings enormous benefits: increase strength, gain muscles, injury prevention, improve technique and more.

  1. Universal training equipment
  2. Strengthen the whole body
  3. Safe and comfortable training
  4. Improve your strengths in other sport disciplines
  5. Improve your technique

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Length 220 cm
Sleeves length 34 cm
Length of grip 123 cm
Bearings/bushings 2 ball bearings
Max load 320 kg
Bar use Additional exercises
Surface finish of sleeves Light zinc
Surface finish of grip part Light zinc
Sleeves diameter 50 mm
Grip diameter 30 mm
Center knurling Without knurling
Bar type Special
Weight 20 kg/45 lbs
Bar markings -