Open Trap Bar 3v1

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Open Trap Bar 3v1 is an open hex trap bar, deadlift bar and a cambered fat bar all in one. Three functions for the price of one! More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00315 Shipping and Payment

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Open Trap Bar 3v1 is an open hex trap bar, deadlift bar and a cambered fat bar all in one. Three functions for the price of one! More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00315 Shipping and Payment

New modern Open Trap Bar 3 in 1

We always make new products or improve those we already have. Thats why we created the Open Trap Bar 3 in 1. 

Hex trap bar s ložisky rotující rukávy

Integrated deadlift bar jack

The bar can be jacked up very easily so you can load and unload all plates easily. Protective covers ensure you won't scratch your flooring.

Hex trap bar perfektní vroubkování StrongGear

"Volcano" knurling

Volcano knurling is undoubtedly the most effective and comfortable type of bar knurling today. You will find this knurl pattern on the most modern bars. In contrast to one sharp point pattern that can be found on bars with the so-called "mountain" knurling pattern, volcano knurling offers a large contact surface on which the skin of your hand can rest comfortably. The result is that the bar sits firmly in the user's hands and nothing sharply pokes into the skin, unlike when using the sharp- pointed mountain knurl bar.

Hex trap bar olympijský na mrtvý tah

Two handle heights

One pair of handles is standard height the other is raised. You can change the height by easily turning the trap bar. The handles are changeable and we plan to offer many more grip widths in the future.

Hex trap bar s ložisky rotující rukávy

Open design

The design allows you to train exercises that are not possible to perform with the classic closed trap bar. Do lunges and other dynamic workouts comfortably!

Hex trap bar perfektní vroubkování StrongGear

Use it in the rack!

We designed the dimensions so that the trap bar fits into our Power Racks and other constructions. It can be used for presses, rows or as a cambered bar for squat variations. The knurling only adds to the secure feeling with the bar on your back. Just remove the handles and start squatting!

Hex trap bar olympijský na mrtvý tah

Perfectly balanced 

Our products are developed based on many years of experience. We removed one of the most bothersome attributes of the trap bar - an extreme weight imbalance between the front and back. There is nothing worse than when you set up your deadlift position, you let go of the bar for a split second and it turns making you find the positions again. It will not happen with the Open Trap Bar 3 in 1

Extreme loading

Load capacity of 320kg, yes! You can get goosebumps while thinking about such weight, but you CAN load this astronomical number onto the bar! This makes it a perfect equipment for the strongest athletes while being perfectly suitable for beginners as well.

Perfect grip range

63 cm between grips is the ideal dimension for the majority of trainees. However, we think about shorter people as well as about the biggest. In the future, buying different grip variations will be possible.

50 mm loading diameter

With this diameter, you will be able to load onto the Open Trap Bar all the standard Olympic plates you have in your gym. You won't have to acquire any new or special plates to be able to use this bar.

Grip diameter

The bar has a grip diameter of 28 mm, which is the ideal diameter for a strong grip. You will be able to hold the bar comfortably during every exercise and you won't have to worry about it slipping out of your hands.

We think about your health and improve your strength and condition

Have you ever thought about benefits of deadlift? Or have you been afraid of this exercise? Deadlifting is not only for athletes and weightlifters. Our StrongGear Open Trap 3 in 1 bar will help you start with this complex exercise safely.

It protects your lower back

If you perform deadlifts with the trap bar you stand INSIDE the bar, which is very different from the conventional deadlift. With a straight bar, it is sometimes harder to get into the proper position especially in the spine. With the trap bar you just need to grab the bar and you can start to lift without overloading the spine.

Improve your technique

Deadlift is a technically demanding exercise. While exercising you can come across many problems. Thanks to our Open Trap Bar, you can prevent them. It is „born“ for deadlifting.

Raise your PRs

The trap bar keeps your body at a mechanical advantage compared to the deadlift with a barbell. Because you stand in the centre of the bar the centre of gravity of your body is copying the centre of gravity of the bar. That is why you will be able to lift much more weight than with a straight bar.

Safety first

The Open Trap Bar makes technique easier for beginners. It keeps the centre of gravity in line with the shoulders and does not force the athlete to move forward and bend.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All goods can be returned FREE of charge within 30 days after purchase without giving reason. This means that we pick up the goods that you want to return at your place for free and return the money to your account within 3 days after returning the goods. You only need to write an email to or call +420 777 670 947. The goods must be properly packed to avoid any damage during transportation and must be in the same condition as they were during packaging at our warehouse. We are not a rental. The guarantee is there for trying the equipment, not for its repeated use.

Length 220 cm
Sleeves length 45 cm
Length of grip 25 cm
Bearings/bushings Without bearing
Max load capacity 320 kg
Bar use Multipurpose, Additional exercises, Deadlift, Squat, Bench press
Surface finish of sleeves Chrome
Surface finish of grip part Chrome
Sleeves diameter 50 mm
Grip diameter 28 mm
Rozpětí úchopů 63 cm
Bar type Special
Weight 30 kg