Kettlebell 56 kg - 68 kg - Weight: 56 kg

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Metal kettlebell with colored marks, straight wide base and optimal grip thickness to strengthen the whole body. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00293-1 Shipping and Payment

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Metal kettlebell with colored marks, straight wide base and optimal grip thickness to strengthen the whole body. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00293-1 Shipping and Payment

Shape your body at home with StrongGear kettlebell

Kettlebell is a special dumbbell shaped as a ball with handle. Metal kettlebell thanks to its shape enables you to perform a lot of exercise which you cannot do with other dumbbells.

  • Kettlebell swing: is basic exercise with kettlebell. Thanks to it subcutaneous fat disappears quickly. You can have incredible muscles over your whole body if you are a men or well-shaped figure if you are a women thanks to kettlebell swing. You become stronger.
  • Turkish Get up: by exercising Turkish Get Up with kettlebell you gain strong and muscular abdomen and core.
  • Squats and dead lifts: with kettlebell you can shape your leg muscles and toughens your buttocks. Your back gets stronger and you stop to have back ache (if you exercise with right technique).
  • Cleans, presses and snatches: kettlebell make men's shoulders and arms muscular and it toughens women's legs. Thanks to these exercises you gain very strong upper back muscles.

Cheaply and comfortably at your home

Are you too lazy to go to the gym? The nearest gym is far and transport costs a lot of money and time? And then the entrance fee. So expensive. Have you ever counted how much it is for a year, 10 years?

You have warmed up and now you wanna go for the main training. But you realize that the only kettlebell is just used by someone else. You must wait which means not only another time-loss but also cooling of your body. Your proper warming up loses its meaning.

Finally, you get to the tools you needed but... the collars are not functioning. The load is not graded properly which can cause a very big problem especially for beginners or women. While speaking about women I guess one of the reasons you do not go to the gym are unavoidable stares of other people.

After hard training you are looking forward to washing your body but there is another problem. You would prefer bathing at your cozy home but instead you must wash yourself in public showers together with other athletes.

There is a way how to build your dream figure at home

There is no time and money wasted unnecessarily to get to the gym. You also save huge amount of money for entrance fee. You do not need to wait until another athlete ends. At home there are no unpleasant stares of others and so you can train without feeling shy - and you can train hard. Your training becomes more effective and more pleasant for you. You can even train without your shirt if you want which is forbidden in gyms because of hygiene. The load is exactly how you need it. The main advantage if you train at home can be bath in your own clean bathroom.

Discover StronGear Kettlebell - Kettlebell born for hard training

"Only with the best tools you can reach the best results faster. Therefore, I produced StrongGear Kettlebell. Kettlebell is made to handle even the most intensive trainings which leads to visible results. Measurements, material and surface finish are chosen so kettlebell fits into your hand and is stable. Also, perfect balance of our kettlebells decreases their tendency to slip from your hands.

For me, the grip was the limiting factor while I was exercising with kettlebell. Not my legs, not my back muscles, but the grip went out first." Says. - Ondřej Bašus, owner of StrongGear


Only one cast

No more uneven grip or margin which can hurt you while you train. Our KB is perfectly balanced, weight is spread evenly through the whole KB.


Wide straight base

Does your old KB wobble if you put in on the floor? It is past with our KBs. Our KBs have wide straight base. It allows you to do a lot of exercise.


Color coded

Each of our kettlebell has mark of its weight on the body (in kilograms and in pounds). There are two color rings on the handler that are marking the weight. You will not waste time by searching for the right kettlebell for the next time.

Top-quality material

Our KBs are made of quality metal without cheap admixtures. You do not find cement, any plastic covers and other things which always mean worse quality of KB.

Grip and surface

You feel the biggest difference there. Our grip is fine and KB just fits into your hands. It has fine structure. Chalk or magnesium remain even if you sweat.

Perfectly weighted

Maximal weight deviation is under 1%! Our products are perfectly weighted, so you get your kettlebell with exact weight.

Optimal thickness of the handle

Cheap and low quality kettlebells has very thick handle. It holds really bad. There is high risk of slipping out of your hands during workout. Our KBs has an optimal grip diameter which is suitable for both genders.

7 reasons why to include kettlebell into your training

Main promoter and father of Kettlebel Pavel Tsatsouline (instructor of the Russian Special Forces and founder of Strong First) said: Kettlebell training is hard. Improves the heart, muscles, everything. So train, move and do not sit at home and watch TV otherwise you will be still tired.".

  1. Functional training based on natural motion
  2. With one KB you can do strength training but also cardio
  3. With KB, you strengthen the whole body and burn fat
  4. Reduces the risk of injury and increases joint mobility
  5. Exercise with KB is fun, it's never boring
  6. It saves your time and gives results
  7. You can train anytime, anywhere, you do not need any special equipment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Grip diameter 4 cm
Handle width 56 kg: Inside - 14cm, outside - 22,5cm, 68 kg: Inside - 14,5cm, outside - 23cm
Weight 56 kg, 68 kg
Height 56 kg - 33,5 cm, 68 kg - 35,5 cm