Extra curl bar

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Extra curl bar made of high quality steel with characteristic shape, chromed surface, two ball bearings and 50 mm sleeves. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00080 Shipping and Payment

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Extra curl bar made of high quality steel with characteristic shape, chromed surface, two ball bearings and 50 mm sleeves. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00080 Shipping and Payment

Train safely and prevent wrist injury with the Extra curl bar

Just like with our other bars we used only the best materials and procedures which is reflected in the barbell characteristics. The steel body combined with chromed surface and ball bearings make the Extra curl bar a unique training equipment. The bar is ergonomically curved, so you can change your grips and strengthen hands and arms. It is very useful for sportsmen who have problems with wrist. Different grip variations reduce the risk of wrist injury by complex strengthening and offer neutral grip variations. Not only the safety aspect but also the possibility of making more repetitions lead to the creation of Extra curl bar. It is a lightweight barbell with fine knurling, Olympic diameter of sleeves, 120 cm length and 9,5 kg weight.

Extra curl bar - vroubkování

Precise knurling

Fine and gentle at the same time. The result is that the bar fits perfectly in your hands.

Extra curl bar - chromovaný povrch

Chromed surface

Bright silver hard chrome makes your bar protected from corrosion and adds a luxury touch.

Extra curl bar  - úchop

Perfect grip diameter

The 28 mm grip diameter provides secure and strong grip even during heavy training.

Extra curl bar - zakřivení

Ergonometric shape

The StrongGear Extra curl bar can reduce wrist overload so you can avoid wrist injuries. This is a popular alternative to straight barbell and is traditionally used by many athletes in rehabilitation training.

Extra curl bar - bronzová pouzdra

2 ball bearings

They allow rotation of the bar sleeves even with high loads making it safer for your wrists.

Extra curl bar - čepičky

New stylish caps

The caps highlight the weight and type of the bar while being a nice design finish. 

High quality steel

The bar is made of high quality steel. It has the load capacity of 200 kg making it perfect for your heavy weight training.

Perfectly balanced

Weight balance is a guarantee of a very good manufacturing. Our product is perfectly balanced so you get the barbell with exact weight.

Low weight

Low weight but still high load capacity up to 200 kg. This means that you can load heavy weight on your bar and not risk bending.

 Universal and safe barbell

Extra curl bar weighs 9,5 kg and it is a very universal bar suitable for training many muscle groups. Neutral grip will suit both male and female population.

Great workout with Extra curl bar

It might seem that the Extra curl bar was created only for biceps curls but thats not truth. This barbell offers a lot of variations of exercises that are good for your arms but you can train shoulders, chest, back muscles etc. It was invented by L. G. Dymeck and he recommended to change grips in different positions. Achieve a harmonic development of the muscular system.

EC – bar exercise:

  • Spider curl
  • EC - bar curl
  • Bodyweight flyes
  • EC - bar press on the bench
  • EC - bar skullcrusher on the bench
  • Triceps extensions
  • Bent Over Barbell Row
  • Military press with EC - bar
  • Upright Row with EC-bar

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Length 120 cm
Sleeves length 17,5 cm
Length of grip 82 cm
Bearings/bushings 2 ball bearings
Max load capacity 200 kg
Bar use Multipurpose, Additional exercises, Technique rehearsal
Surface finish of sleeves Polished chrome
Surface finish of grip part Polished chrome
Sleeves diameter 50 mm
Grip diameter 28 mm
Center knurling Without knurling
Bar type Special
Weight 9,5 kg
Knurling at the grip part Yes - deep knurling