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Safe Strong special box without sharp corners, made on CNC machine and coated by non-skid layer. It increases overall durability and have a great design. More >>

Unassembled and unused plybox, just broken off piece of non-slip foil.


A perfectly safe plyobox for your workout

It is an improved wooden plyobox suitable for Crossfit and functional training. It is made of massive plyowood on a CNC machine. The main and highly visible benefit of this box is the external anti-skid layer. You will appreciate the anti-skid surface during an intense training. There is a low risk of slipping and falling caused by a slippery or wet surface.

Unique surface with versatile usage

The box is very stable in all positions due to wide impact areas. Your workouts will be safe and highly effective. You can train with our plyobox indoor or outdoor because the plastic foil increases the resistance of the surface.


Rounded edges

For better stability and safety, we created a plyobox without sharp edges. You do not have to worry about injuring yourself during box jumping.


Non-skid surface

From now it does not matter that the plyobox is wet from your sweat. Thanks to the anti-skid foil you can train to fatigue without worrying about slipping of the box.


Side handles

There are special holes on the sides for comfortable and fast transport of the plyobox.

Three different height

You have got three variants of different height with plyobox. Just change the box position.

Made on a CNC machine

CNC machines guarantee quality and precision of production. Thanks to it we know that every piece of plyobox has right dimensions and parameters.

High load capacity

Plywoods are reinforced and bolted together on the sides. Maximal load capacity for plyobox is 150 kg so it is created for all athletes.

Great design

We did not want to create ordinary plyobox. We wanted something extraordinary. That's why we have chosen combination of wood, rubber and StrongGear logo.

Tabata training with plyobox

Tabata is a 4 minutes interval training that develops both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Parameters: 8 exercise, 20 actions, 10 rests, maximum intensity. Try to include this highly intensive workout in your fitness program once a week and write us how you did.

  1. Box jump over
  2. Bulgarian squat with plyobox
  3. Skipping with box touch
  4. Lateral suffle
  5. Clapping push ups
  6. Triceps dips
  7. Burpees over the box
  8. Plank with moving hand over hand

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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76,2 x 60,96 x 50,8 cm (30 x 24 x 20 inches)
Thickness of plywood
18 mm
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