Compact Leg Press/Hacken Squat machine

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Massive weight machine suitable for both home a professional gym. Save money and space and exercise with our Leg press, Hacken Squat and calf extensions machine. More

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Massive weight machine suitable for both home a professional gym. Save money and space and exercise with our Leg press, Hacken Squat and calf extensions machine. More

Product code: P00420 Shipping and Payment

Build your muscular legs from the comfort of your home!

Are you looking for a fitness machine that will help you build muscular legs, especially quadriceps and calves, from the comfort of your home? You just found it! Introducing a compact multifunctional machine for hack squat and leg press with many advantages - you don't have to buy multiple machines, you save a lot of space and money, and that's not all! The machine is equipped with a small removable platform that allows each of you to practice calf raises as well. The small platform is not the only advantage that makes this machine unique in its category. The compact leg press/hacken squat machine provides back and shoulder support adjustments to the exact position you need - making it much more comfortable to workout and allowing you to focus on each repetition for your personal progression! We care about your exercise comfort, treat yourself to it with our Compact Leg Press/Hacken Squat machine and say goodbye to uncomfortable exercise.

Posilovací stroj - nastavitelná opěrka

Adjustable platform and armrests

The premium adjustable back and shoulder rests are a feature of this machine. The shoulder rest is removable to prepare the machine for leg press exercises. If you want to practice the hacken squat, you simply attach the shoulder rest back to the machine - it's that simple! You can adjust the platform to several positions to comfortably rest your legs while exercising.

Posilovací stroj - lineární ložiska

Robust linear bearings

The weight machine is equipped with a mobile mechanism that ensures smooth movement even under heavy loads. Exercise in a controlled and safe way.

Posilovací stroj - 50 mm nakládací průměr

50 mm loading section

With this diameter, you can load any standard Olympic discs you have in your gym onto the mandrel. This way you don't have to purchase any new or special reels for this loading diameter.

Posilovací stroj - konstrukce

Stable construction

The steel weight machine is made with attention to detail in the workmanship. High-quality materials and steel give the whole structure maximum durability and stability even under high loads - load capacity up to 400 kg! The surface is powder coated against rust.

Posilovací stroj - prémiové opěrky

Premium shoulder and back rests

Comfortable shoulder and back rests that won't pressure you even during long sets. Thanks to the high quality rests, you will be able to perfectly control your muscles and not strain your back or shoulders. Increase your workout efficiency with maximum focus on leg press, hacken squat or calf raises.

Posilovací stroj - nastavitelný doraz

Adjustable stop

Minimizes the risk of injury in the event of muscle imbalance or failure. The stop is adjustable and guarantees maximum safety during exercise.

Why get a compact leg press / hacken squat machine:

  • solid steel construction
  • you can do leg press, squat raises and calf raises with one machine
  • easy adjustment of the platform and back and shoulder rests
  • robust linear bearings for smooth movement
  • 50 mm diameter of the loading part of the disc holders
  • premium backrest padding
  • adjustable stop
  • removable small platform for calf raises
  • compact size - suitable for fitness centres and home gyms
  • 100% exercise satisfaction

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Length 160 cm
Sold separately Plates, Power Bands
Max load capacity 400 kg
Durable finish Yes
Width 130 cm
Height 152 cm