Black Rubberized Tri-Grip Plate - Weight: 5 kg

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Steel plates with black rubber surface and three grip holes. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00251-1

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Black Rubberized Tri-Grip Plates

StrongGear Black Rubberized Tri-Grip Plates are made of quality steel, with rubber surface for longer life and three grip holes for easy way to carry and loading them on barbell. For a long time these plates are golden standard for most fitness centres and home gyms. They are most suitable for weightlifting or loading strength machines. Plate are not appropriate to throw them to the ground from high height, for these purposes StrongGear bumper plates are much more suitable.

Cerny Tri-Grip

Steel core and rubber surface

Unbeatable combination of materials for long life and maximum usage.

Cerny Tri-Grip

Three grip holes

Plates are easy to carry, load or store.

Cerny Tri-Grip

Decent color

All plates have same black colour, so they will easy fit in every gym design.

Plates should not be dropped on the floor! In that case, serious damage can occur.

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Colour Black
Material Steel, Special rubber
Plate diameter 5 kg - 27,5 cm, 10 kg - 32,3 cm, 15 kg - 36,9 cm, 20 kg - 39,2 cm, 25 kg - 41,3 cm
Hole diameter 50 mm
Plate Width 5 kg - 38mm, 10 kg - 44mm, 15 kg - 45mm, 20 kg - 50 mm, 25 kg - 52 mm
Weight 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg