Beast Leg Press/Hacken Squat machine

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A robust weight training machine that allows you to perform Legpress, Hacken squats and calf raises. Build muscular legs you never dreamed of! More

Manufacturer: TRUESTEEL Product code: P00419 Shipping and Payment

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A robust weight training machine that allows you to perform Legpress, Hacken squats and calf raises. Build muscular legs you never dreamed of! More

Manufacturer: TRUESTEEL Product code: P00419 Shipping and Payment

3in1 Multifunctional Fitness Machine

Would you like to work out your lower leg muscles from calves to quadriceps beyond recognition, but don't have enough room for several machines? No matter, we have the solution for you to save space and build muscular legs at the same time with just one machine! The Beast 3in1 weight machine allows you to work out leg press, different variations of hack squats and calf raises.

Why buy three machines when you can easily replace them with one?

Often you'll see the option to buy a separate machine for hack squats, calf raises or leg press, which can be expensive and take up a lot of space in your gym. With our multi-functional machine, you can use the space you save for additional equipment and expand the exercise options for your clients. Saving space and money is just a fraction of the benefits the Beast 3in1 weight machine offers - premium padded backrests for a comfortable workout, a smooth rolling mechanism, a height adjustable platform for calf raises, and that's not all!

Posilovací stroj - nastavitelné opěrky

Adjustable platforms with removable backrest

Some competing machines have complicated adjustments to the backrests and platforms, which unnecessarily hold you back from exercising - we want you to exercise efficiently! Whether you want to do a leg press or a hacked squat, you can quickly adjust the platforms to the exact position you need. Simply remove the backrest and place it on the platform depending on the exercise you want to perform. To stabilize the support, the platform is equipped with several holes.

Posilovací stroj - masivní konstrukce

Massive construction

The weight machine is made of solid steel with attention to detail in processing. Maximum resistant material to high loads - load capacity up to 500 kg! The Beast 3in1 can also be drilled into the ground. You won't experience any movement of the structure even when a heavy load is loaded. That's why it's suitable for even the strongest of you.

Posilovací stroj - pružinový doraz

Locking with spring stop

Another advantage of the machine is the long handles with four stops to safely secure the weights after the series is finished. The handles are equipped with a spring-loaded stop for quiet locking. The springs also protect the handles from damage.

Posilovací stroj - bezpečnostní doraz

Adjustable safety stop

Minimizes the risk of injury in the event of muscle imbalance or failure. The stop is adjustable and guarantees maximum safety during exercise.

Posilovací stroj - lineární ložiska

Robust linear bearings

The weight machine is equipped with a mobile mechanism that ensures smooth movement even under heavy loads. Exercise in a controlled and safe way. The diameter of the loading part is 50 mm. You can load standard Olympic discs on the spikes.

Posilovací stroj - držáky na kotouče

4 disc holders

The machine is equipped with four disc holders for a perfectly organized exercise area. Never trip over discs rolling around on the floor again. The holders offer you enough space to load plenty of discs of all weights.

The main advantages of the Beast LegPress/Hack Squat:

  • Solid construction made of quality steel for maximum stability
  • Easy platform setup
  • Maximum load capacity 500 kg
  • Removable backrest
  • Removable small platform - possibility to practice calf raises
  • Securing weights with spring stop
  • Adjustable seat stop
  • Robust linear bearings
  • 4 disc holders
  • Premium back and shoulder padding
  • Diameter of disc holders 50 mm
  • Possibility of fixing to the ground
  • Handles for shoulder rests and seats
  • Ability to exercise with Power Bands expanders

100% satisfaction guarantee

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Sold separately Plates, Power Bands
Max load capacity 500 kg
Durable finish Yes
Weight 205 kg