Beast Glute ham developer - GHD 3 in 1

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The robust GHD weight bench with a unique shape and comfortable backrests is one of the best and most popular machines for strengthening the hamstrings, back, abdomen and legs. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00457 Shipping and Payment

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The robust GHD weight bench with a unique shape and comfortable backrests is one of the best and most popular machines for strengthening the hamstrings, back, abdomen and legs. More

Manufacturer: StrongGear Product code: P00457 Shipping and Payment

GHD is one of the best machines for developing postural chain muscles and six pack abs

StrongGear GHD is a professional training machine for strengthening back, abdominal and gluteus muscles. A simple construction made of robust steel square tubes offers a variety of exercise. You can train muscles from many different angles and positions. Do not forget to include GHD machine in your training.

GHD 3 in 1

StrongGear GHD is designed, so it has broad setup options. It can be set up both horizontally and vertically. That is a must have if you want to perform all 3 exercise on GHD: Glute ham raises, hyperextensions and sit-ups. That's why we call it GHD 3 in 1.

Glute Ham Developer StrongGear - fixing

Attachment options

The bench can be screwed to the floor or to a stable base, so the GHD will be held firmly in place. You can exercise with even extremely heavy loads and you don't have to worry about the stability of the machine.

Glute Ham Developer - easy transportion

Easy transportation

Our GHD is quite heavy. It weighs 75 kg. That's because of durability, stability and generous setup options it offers. Because of the heavy weight, we added transport wheels, so you can move it easily wherever you want.

Pro Glute Ham Developer - comfortable padding

Comfortable padding

A perfect feeling of comfort is guaranteed by the quality of rest pads. During exercise, nothing will scratch or pinch you during your training. You can focus on your performance only.

Glueta Ham Developer StrongGear - stable base

Stable steel base

Strong and wide steel base is making the whole construction extremely stable. You do not have to worry about bouncing or wobbling. This is not bosu. GHD machine is here to build some serious muscles & strength.

GHD Bench StrongGear - adjustable rests

Adjustable rests

The GHD rests can be set up horizontally and vertically. Adjustment is fast and easy.

GHD Glute Ham Developer - powder paint

Powder paint

A fine powder coating is applied to the steel parts of the GHD, protecting the structure against corrosion, scratching and giving to the product a luxury design. Parts with friction are chromed for better durability.

Rock Solid stability

Adjust the footpad by inserting pin into steel construction. This uniqe system makes the GHD rock solid for exercising. It is also easy and fast! No other adjusting system makes the footpad so stable, fast and easy. And we have tried them all!

Made of steel square tubes

The construction is made of steel square tubes. It gives the feeling of robustness and indestructibility of the machine.

Suitable for everyone

Our GHD is "oversized". That means we have built it so a 150 kg guy with 100 kg added weight could be training on it every day. GHD will sustain daily use in any commercial gym.

Safe to your spine

Heavy squats and deadlifts put a lot of pressure on the spine. Training with GHD is different and safe. The machine is made for everyone. Training on GHD is a great choice if you want to let the spine rest a bit but still train hard.

What can be improved and strengthened with GHD?

  • Work out glutes and hamstrings: Glute ham raise is one of the best exercises to strengthen and develop great looking and even better performing glutes and hamstring muscles.
  • Six pack abs: GHD is one of the best machines for gaining the six pack abs. On GHD you can do sit-ups with extremely prolonged range of motion. That will stimulate your ab muscles to grow like no other exercise can.
  • Strong lower back: With hyperextensions you strengthen your lower back (also glutes and hamstrings a bit). Together with strengthening your abs you gain strong core, which is the base of every sportsman or athlete looking for quick results!
  • Improve athletic performance: GHD is used by professional athletes to improve sprint speed and jump heights. Glute ham raises directly develop strength in those muscles that matters for sprint speed and high jumping. While strong core help to transfer the strength to the whole body.
  • Hamstring injury prevention: Studies showed that inactive and weak hamstrings are often the main cause of hamstrings injury. With glute ham raises you strengthen the active hamstrings and lower the chance of injury.
  • Stronger squats & deadlifts: Glute ham raises showed up to be one of the best assistance exercise for strengthening squats and deadlifts. GHR is one of the most used exercise at famous Westside Barbell powerlifting club.
  • Minimum load for the spine: Extreme strengthening of postural muscles often requires high loads with squats, deadlifts and other exercise. Using those exercises, you also stress the spine a lot! Not while training with GHD. You can strengthen postural muscles rapidly without stressing your spine too much. That makes GHD a great machine for older lifters, for rehabilitation or for folks who need a break for their spine but still want to stress their muscles a lot!

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Colour Black
Length 178 cm
Comfortable paddings Yes
Material Steel
Max load capacity 300 kg
Durable finish Yes
Width 81 cm
Easy storage and transport Yes
Weight 84 kg
Height 124,7 cm