No gym should lack fixed bars and barbells, no matter if it's a commercial fitness centre or your own home gym. Their biggest advantage is that, unlike exercise machines, you can use them to perform a plethora of different exercises. So you can exercise every muscle in your body with just a few tools. But what is the difference between fixed bars and barbells?

A barbell is a piece of exercise equipment consisting of a long bar on which weights are usually placed. The biggest advantage of barbells is that you can change the discs you workout with during every training. This way, you are not limited to a single weight, but you can tailor each workout to the body part you are currently training or to your current form. And to be honest, adding weights to the bars and listening to the crash of metal on metal is one of the best parts of the workout experience.

Another advantage is the ability to work out with just the bar itself without any added weights. This can be especially useful for beginners, who can first practice the proper form and right grip for each exercise. This can prevent unnecessary injuries that often occur precisely because of incorrect execution. Home gym owners will also appreciate the fact that the bars save a lot of space - one long bar, two short bars for dumbbells and a set of weights are virtually an entire pro gym just by themselves.

We also recommend that you add clips to the barbells, so that you can attach the discs firmly to the bar. This will prevent the weights from sliding off and falling to the ground when you tilt the barbell. A ruined floor or unnecessary injury is definitely not what you want to be dealing with during your training.

On the other hand, fixed bars are barbells with the weights attached permanently, so each one has a clearly defined weight. The main advantage of fixed bars is that you don't have to worry about adding or removing weights, and you always know exactly what weight you're lifting. So if you want to enjoy the sight of the bars neatly arranged according to weight and gradually conquer them one by one, fixed bars are just the thing for you!

Other than the two options described above, there is another special category - the so-called EZ bars, which are characterized by the curvature of the bar. This offers additional exercise options and grip types that will engage muscles you never even knew existed. The curved grip puts much less pressure on your wrists and elbows compared to a straight bar, so you can workout harder and with even heavier weights.

Whether you opt for fixed bars, barbells, dumbbells, or even a curved version of the EZ bars, we're absolutely sure you'll find the best quality option at affordable prices at StrongGear. And above all, remember - being healthy and fit is not just a trend, it's a lifestyle.