You could find dumbbell racks in every gym in the world. They are specifically designed so that the dumbbells can be straightened on them in a specific order, from lightest to heaviest. Gym-goers then don't have to search long for the weight they're working out with, because it's clear where to reach.

Why is it worth getting a dumbbell rack?

There are several reasons:

  • Of course, it is possible to store dumbbells on the floor, but with some types of floor there would be a risk of damage and with a rack you can avoid it.
  • If you don't have a clear place to put the dumbbells, the gym will be a mess.
  • Visitors will clearly see whether or not dumbbells in their desired weight are available.
  • Visitors will be visually motivated because they can clearly see on the rack where they can still move.

What are the differences and what to choose?

First and foremost, look at how sturdy the construction is. The stand must be able to hold tens of kilograms. Because of the high load, it is also necessary that it has rubber feet - then it will not damage the floor. The stand itself is usually made of metal, but it is good if the individual legs are covered with rubber. The rubber protects the rack and the dumbbells, and placing the dumbbells on the rack is quieter.

Classic dumbbell racks have more floors, two or three floors are reasonable, higher ones are harder to take the dumbbells off. The width of the rack then determines how many pairs of dumbbells you can fit on it. Special types of racks are sold for hexagonal one-arm dumbbells.

Don't forget the squat rack

Squat racks also fall into the category of racks, which can have many uses. The steel structures in our range can also be used for stretching gymnastic rings, expanders, TRX, triceps bars and other equipment.

The selection criteria are the same as for dumbbell racks. The base must be stable, rubberized is practical. It is necessary to make sure that the span of the dumbbell holders matches the length of the dumbbell you will use.

Get your dumbbell racks from us, we will be happy to help you with your selection.