Cardio machines are popular exercise tools that allow you to improve cardiovascular fitness and simultaneously burn calories. If you are looking for an effective way to improve your fitness and health, cardio workouts are the ideal choice. In the following text, we will take a look at the most popular types of cardio machines and their advantages.

A treadmill is one of the most popular cardio machines. And it's no wonder! It allows you to run directly in the gym as part of your workout, without having to leave the gym and look for a suitable running track. Plus, running on treadmill is less strenuous than running outside, meaning you can run longer and with less risk of injury. The machine has a built-in heart rate, speed and distance monitor that show you all the information you need about your run. As a result, you can plan your workout and evaluate its results much more easily.

Rowing is one of the best forms of cardio exercise. Therefore rowing machines deliver a full body workout that strengthens your cardiovascular system. Rowing helps to improve heart and lung function while strengthening the back, shoulder and abdominal muscles -  just take a look at what a typical rower looks like and you'll see there's something to the movement. When you exercise with the machine, you simulate the motion of rowing, which, thanks to the weight system, perfectly mimics real rowing on the water. The movement is smooth and there is no impact, so it spares your joints significant discomfort.

Another machine for improving your cardio is the exercise bikes, which is well-known for good reason. These cardio machines allow you to exercise with the help of a bike that is placed on a fixed frame. So if you want to experience the feeling of riding a bike from the comfort of your gym, you can just sit on the seat, grab the handlebars and start pedaling! Exercise bikes, like other cardio machines, have displays that show speed, distance, calories burned, and other useful information to help you fine-tune your workout.

Skiing machines will especially please winter sports fans who are tired of waiting for the snow season and want to keep fit with their favourite activity all year round. You will work out especially the muscles in the legs, back and abdomen. When using the skiing trainer, it is important to correctly set the height and width of the rollers so that the resulting movement is as close as possible to real skiing. Adjusting the incline also allows users to simulate different terrains and prepare for different types of trails.

At StrongGear, we offer all these types of cardio machines, and our specialists select only the best options on the market. Solid steel constructions, which offer maximum stability, strength and durability, are a matter of course for us. As well as a wide range of individual settings of ergonomic seats and other parts of the cardio machines. Many of the components are rubber-covered to prevent your grip from slipping - so you can lean into your workout with vigour.

Whether you choose a treadmill, an exercise bike, a rowing machine or a skiing machine, you can't go wrong with StrongGear. Take a look at our selection and pick from the best cardio machines available!