Now you may be asking yourself - how is an indoor cycling bike different from other fitness machines that simulate cycling? Any proper gymhead knows that although all of these machines have pedals and can be used to train endurance, burn fat and strengthen the lower limbs and the whole body, there are major differences between them.

The biggest difference lies in the riding posture. As their name suggests, indoor cycling bikes more closely simulate riding a real bike, since they have lower handlebars. The body is forced into a forward bend when riding, a position that allows you to reach higher speeds than other machines that have handlebars placed higher, thus keeping your back perfectly straight.

Indoor cycling bikes are ideal machines for routine training aimed at losing weight, firming up the body and keeping fit. However, they will also be appreciated by more demanding athletes who expect a more challenging ride from their new equipment. You can pedal standing up like on a regular bike. This allows you to change positions and engage more muscles during exercise. And if you're a cyclist eagerly waiting for the winter season, the indoor cycling bike will be the obvious choice for your training.

Another difference is the connection of the pedals to the flywheel of the bike, which has a great effect on the quality of pedaling. With indoor cycling bikes, the pedals are connected directly to the flywheel, which means that if you stop pedalling, the pedals will keep turning without your input. This can have a positive effect on motivation – if you stop, the pedals force you to keep going and push your limits to the next level. If you need to stop immediately, there is of course the option to pull the brake to stop the flywheel spinning at once.

In our assortment you will find StrongBike indoor cycling bikes, which, thanks to their sophistication, will find their place even in the most demanding of gyms. As is our custom, the massive construction is made of the highest quality steel, which provides maximum stability, strength and durability. This way, you can really lean into your training and not worry about the bike "riding off" to the other side of the room.

However, perhaps the greatest strength of the StrongBike is the new belt drive system. Compared to its predecessors, it ensures a quiet and absolutely smooth operation. On top of that, you can set really intense resistance, thanks to specially designed blades that will increase the effectiveness of your workouts to the absolute maximum. Of course, there are other outstanding features such as seat adjustability, non-slip handles made of high-quality rubber, a large and clear LCD display or transport wheels for optimal comfort.

So now you know why indoor cycling bikes definitely belong in your home or professional gym. We offer the best exercise machines on the market, so don't hesitate to order your top-grade piece at!