Weighted vest 20 kg

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The weighted vest (0 - 20 kg) with ergonometric shape made of nylon with adjustable straps. Perfect for bodyweight training. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGearProduktkode: P00110

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The weighted vest (0 - 20 kg) with ergonometric shape made of nylon with adjustable straps. Perfect for bodyweight training. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGearProduktkode: P00110

Comfortable and super fitting weighted vest

Universal weighted vest makes your training more intensive. You can train with it anytime and everywhere. You can run outside or train in a gym. It is very popular fitness tool for strength and endurance training. For example, we can see weighted vest on Crossfit Games and other competition. Velcro closure is very strong and suit to everybody. You can train on maximum without worries. There is another big advantage and it is a possibility to change load distribution. You can individually change load distribution according to your training. The weighted vest will not force you to lean over. We used an extra durable nylon which protects the vest against damage.

Vesta - ergonometrický tvar

Ergonometric shape

The weighted vest has been designed to fit each person so it is very universal. It allows a full range of motion and therefore allows maximum sport performance.

Vesta - popruhy

Adjustable straps

The adjustable straps allow you to tighten the vest to the body so it fits you perfectly.

Vesta - materiál

Extra durable material

The special nylon protects against scratches and guarantee long life time.

Vesta - zátěž

Weight regulation

A total of 20 pockets are used to regulate and adjust the resistance. You can change resistance from 1kg to 20 kg.

Vesta - univerzální použití

Universal use

Body weight training is great but if you use weighted vest it will be more intensive. You can run, jump, walk or do squats, push ups, pull ups and many others exercise.

Vesta - komfortní při tréninku

Comfortable material

Comfortable material will ensure a pleasant feeling during a long workout.

Train more effectively with our weighted vest

Loose body weight - The added resistance increases the intensity of your workout and therefore the burning of the fat.

Increase strength - If you want to increase strength and built muscles you must regularly add weight and make your training harder.

Improve endurance – With our vest you can run or you can choose roller skating, ice skating, cross-country skiing or just jogging. Another training without weighted vest will seem to be easy.

Support muscle and joint strength – With extra weight, the muscles and bones become more dense and stronger and you will lift more.

Improve speed and reactivity - Try to include explosive exercise in your workout together with our weighted vest and get results. You will find that your muscles grow and strengthen.

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Farbe Black
Länge 55 cm
Material Nylon
Maximum waist circumference max. 135 cm
Adjustable straps Yes
Dimensions Universal size
Width 35 cm
Gewicht Add weight 0 - 20 kg