Suspension system holder

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20 Punkte für das Treusystem

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Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00175 Versand und Zahlung

Simple and effective way, how to anchor suspension training systems

Steel bracket for easy and quick anchoring to the ceiling or wall. It ensures strong and secure fixing of the suspension training system (TRX, circles, rope). In comparison with other holders, it allows all exercises. It has practical and minimalist dimensions, so it will be appreciated by many homes and also commercial gyms.

High load capacity

The steel holder be almost indestructible. In spite of all, our recommended maximal load capacity is 200 kg, because we do not want destroy your walls.

Full range of motion

If you do not have the option to hook your suspension system vertically to the ceiling, you lose a lot of great exercises. It makes holder unique.

Compatible with all suspension systems

You bought the competitive suspension system and you do not have a hold? You can choose ours, because it is compatible with all suspension systems.

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Länge 38 cm