StrongSki - Nordic skiing machine - Variante: Without mobile stand (Attached to wall)

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Universal aerobic tool with which you will feel like in the mountains Mehr

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Universal aerobic tool with which you will feel like in the mountains Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00208-1 Versand und Zahlung

Stay in a great shape and get ready for winter

It might seem that StrongSki is designed for cross-country skying only but the opposite is the true. This specific aerobic treadmill can really use everyone in their training and that is thanks to its versatility. During training, you load the entire upper half of your body without overloading the joints.

A trully versatile aerobic treadmill

StrongSki is the most comprehensive ski simulator on the market. You can develop endurance but also strength or explosiveness through the simultaneous or alternate movement of your arms. You will feel like on real cross-country skiing. The trainer can by used by everybody - beginners or top athletes who appreciate the wide variety of features.


Display full of functions

A simple and clear display lets you choose from pre-set training programs. You can also find data about distance, speed, pace, burned calories and performance.


Ergonomic handles

For the best grip, our handles are shaped to fit your hands perfectly. You feel like holding cross-country sticks.


Extra strong cords

Durable cords goes through the swivel pulleys to ensure a sufficient range of movement. Nothing prevents you from practicing with maximum effort.


Durable steel construction

A truly durable trainer. The base skeleton is made of steel parts to increase it's life-time. There are no cheap plastics that would take on its quality.


Easily attached to the wall or rack

StrongSki can be attached to the wall or mounted on a special floor stand. If you plan to change the placement of your trainer regularly, it is better to have a floor stand that has an anti-skid layer and transport wheels.


9 levels of difficulty

Whether you're practicing with our trainer for the first time or if you are an experienced user, nine levels of resistance will be a stimulus for everyone. You can include it in the warm up or take it as a main part.

 Does not take space

One of the things you will definitely appreciate is spatial ease. Wherever you place StrongSki, it will stand there. It is great aerobic treadmill for home and small commercial fitness.

Suitable for people with health problems

While some machines do not allow a natural range of movement and expose the body to unnatural positions, StrongSki retains the natural range of motion in all directions. This, for example, will be appreciated by people who are permanently attached to a wheelchair.

 Quality flywheel

StrongGear StrongSki uses the air resistance created by the flywheel blades. You can choose a different difficulty simulating a ride on a plain or uphill.

 Without electricity

The trainer works completely independently and does not need to be connected to the electricity. All you need is 4 standard pen batteries that power the display. The machine will last for more than 100 hours in continuous operation.

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Resistance Types Luftwiderstand
Länge 39 cm (128 cm with stand)
Grifflänge 14 cm
Geräuschpegel Niedrig
Adjust amount of Drag for Any Ability 1 - 9
Widerstand ändern Manuell
Computer Ja
Width 60 cm
Gewicht 32 kg
Height 218 cm