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A professional rowing machine that will satisfy the most demanding customers. Quality and reliability in the first place. Perfect ergonometry and natural motion. All those benefits and much more brings the new StrongRow S.
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Tested and recommended by athletes

We have been searching for and testing a variety of rowing machines for a long time until we have developed the best one: StrongRow S. Our Rowing Trainer features advanced technology and perfect materials to satisfy even the most demanding athletes. One of its main advantages is perfect ergometry which does not overload your body but develops it. It allows individual resistance settings and a wide range of workout modes that are displayed on a concise computer. Its setting is not complicated. The comfortable seat makes it comfortable to rotate and thanks to the optimum distance from the seat you can easily get off and out. Rapid entry and exit, comfortable and firm foot attachment will be appreciated especially by Crossfit admirers.


Quality on the first place

StrongRow S rowing machine has been robotically tested with 1,000,000 pulls from Robotic Arms without a failure. The machine is designed for every situation. Even after a long-term use you do not recognize the difference in quality and you can be sure that your choice was right.


Heavy duty frame base

39 kg heavy duty frame base provides a stable base for any user of any weight category. Quality steel is used in places where other producers save the money. The dumper minimizes the noise and bring a natural and realistic feeling from rowing.


Easy transport and storage

The StrongRow S simulator is easily storable. You do not have to worry about space. It can be tilted in height in a while so it takes only a small amount of space. You're able to roll the StrongRow S on 4 wheels out of the way and into storage


Feel comfortable in rowing

Extra padding on seat provides a comfortable workout. Extra padding on handle ensures a no blister routine. You do not want to quit your workout.


Computer and training modes

Important part of success is to permanently improve your skills. StrongRow S comes with an easy to use console display. Simply begin to pull and the console will begin tracking Time Rowed, Time/500M, Watts, Pulse (when connected to a heart rate monitor), Meters/Distance, Strokes Per Minute, Calories, and Total Strokes. You can also toggle between 8 other performance measurements to display in large text/graphics in the middle window. StrongRow S offer everything you expect from a rowing machine.


Build strength, endurance and burn fat

The damper settings have a larger range of resistance from 1-9. You can improve endurance, explosive strength and so on. You can choose between shorter rowing intervals which can be more intense or longer rowing intervals which can be mild. Just burn your fat.

Benefits of rowing

Rowing is a fullbody aerobic exercise involving all important muscle groups. That is why athletes often use rowing as partial compensation to running. Due to the complexity of the rowing you burn more calories than while walking on a treadmill. At the same time you can improve strength and endurance in one single training.

Main advantages:

  • Burn fat
  • Enhance the cardiorespiratory system
  • Suitable for your body
  • Brings fast results
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Reduces stress and improves heart function
  • Completely improve the whole body
  • Improves the muscles and joint mobility

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can return for FREE all goods until 30 days without giving reason. This means that we pick up the goods that you want to return at your place for free and return the money to your account within 3 days after returning the goods. You need only to write an email to info@stronggear.eu or call +420 777 670 947. The goods must be properly packed to avoid any damage during transportation and must in the same condition. We are not a rental. The guarantee is there for trying the equipment, not for its repeated use.

Resistance Types
254 cm
Extra padding on handle
Extra padding on seat
Maximales Benutzergewicht
160 Kg
Adjust amount of Drag for Any Ability
1 - 10
Widerstand ändern
51 cm
Easy to storage and transport
39 kg
Abstand des Sitzes vom Boden
51 cm
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