Olympic Weightlifting Bar - Zentral Rändeln: With center knurling and TRUESTEEL logo

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The basis of success and profits of your gym is a lot of satisfied clients. We will help you get these satisfied customers. Mehr

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The basis of success and profits of your gym is a lot of satisfied clients. We will help you get these satisfied customers. Mehr

Hersteller: TRUESTEEL Produktkode: P00003-3 Versand und Zahlung

The basis of success and profits of your gym is a lot of satisfied clients. We will help you get these satisfied customers

Olympic bar is one of the most used tools in gym. It is needed for squatting, deadlifting, for bench press, for overhead press, barbell row, good morning, lunges and many other exercises. Powerlifters, crossfiters, strongmen, ice hockey players, basketball players, football players use it. There is no athlete, who does not exercise with an Olympic bar.

The sad fact is that Olympic bars in gyms are usually in horrible condition. Some fitness centres even discourage clients from training with barbells, thereby missing out on a lot of money. There is no worse thing than having a bent bar with large diameter grip, inaccurate weight, poor signage and tragic knurling in your gym. With such bar, you cannot exercise properly.

Our olympic barbells will help you get new clients

People want results, they want to lose weight, strengthen muscles, to gain muscles and have six packs. The quickest way to achieve that is by using basic complex exercises. If your gym has Olympic bars in horrible condition, or if they have deficit, people will prefer to go to another gym. Perhaps to favourite crossfit gym, which is full of Olympic bars.

Imagine that your gym is full of luxury, high-performance Olympic bars and weightlifters, bodybuilders, strongman, powerlifters, hockey players, basketball player footballer crossfiters and other athletes train with them. All of them exercise in your fitness and recommend your fitness to other clients. The numbers increase rapidly and the profit of your fitness increases, too.

Discover Olympic Weightlifting Bar – absolutely straight

Ordinary bars are usually bent. When these bars are manufactured, the producer buys material from a steel mill. This steel has already been bent a little. In the steel mill, they consider the material straight with deviation under 2,5 mm to length 220 cm (length of the bar).

Bent bar is not optimal to hold, tends to flip and rotate – to find its centre of gravity. The more the bar is bent, the greater is the tendency. Bearings spin falsely on bent bar, and the risk of wrist injury increases.

The more bent the bar is, the easier it can be bent even more. It means, that only absolutely straight bar can remain unbent for a long time. And this is the reason, why we put emphasis on extra straightening of the steel in our production. Our Olympic bars are straight with maximal deviation under 0,4 mm to the whole length of the bar.

Olympic Weightlifting Bar in details

Osa stronger

Rubber band

Combination of hard chrome and brightly silver colour with a blue strip with white inscription, which is set in a laser edged depressions on the sleeves, makes the bar look very luxurious.

Osa stronger

4 best needle bearings

4 best needle bearings allow rotation of sleeves even with big loads on the bar. It protects you from wrist injury.

Osa stronger

Hardchromed surface

The new surface of the Weightlifting Bar is hardchrome. It protects against corrosion, allows a stronger grip and keeps the barbell in perfect condition.

Osa stronger

Exact knurling, deep but gentle

The result is that the bar is in your hands fixed and stable. Nothing is cutting or bothering you. The knurling continues up to the sleeves, so you can grasp the bar wherever you want, and your grip is always stable.

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IWF marking

There is knurling with exact parameters according to the IWF (two rings and 91 cm between them), so you quickly know, where to grab the bar.

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New stylish blue end caps

The caps are at the end of our bars and highlight the weight and diameter with a luxury look. Blue colour stands for 20 kg according to IPF and IWF.

Exact weight and measurements

Exact weight and measurements according to the IWF and the IPF. These standards are appointed for good reason – to lift the highest possible weights safely. This is what you want in your training as well – to lift as much as possible while staying safe.

Olympic diameter of sleeves

With 50 mm diameter you can load all standard olympic plates. You do not have to buy any new or special plates for this type of diameter.

Exact diameter of grip 28 mm

Exact diameter of grip 28 mm allows the grip to remain stable and safe even in hardest training.

High quality steel

The bar is made of high-quality steel and has a load capacity of 700 kg. The bar also springs only a little, so it will not swing while doing heavy squats or bench presses. Also, you do not need to worry about bending the bar.

Bar Testing

  • We test EVERY single bar by X-rays in order to detect bar's defects, which can occur while manufacturing. Straightening of bars, heat processing and surface finishing can cause gentle defects. These bars can bend after a while. On average, one in ten bars is damaged this way. Luckily, thanks to this testing, we can reveal and eliminate such bars.
  • We choose randomly a few pieces of steel from every charge, which we test. The steel is bent with least 350 kg of force for one hour. Then, we measure if the steel bent. You can see the process down in the video.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All goods can be returned FREE of charge within 30 days after purchase without giving reason. This means that we pick up the goods that you want to return at your place for free and return the money to your account within 3 days after returning the goods. You only need to write an email to info@stronggear.eu or call +420 777 670 947. The goods must be properly packed to avoid any damage during transportation and must be in the same condition as they were during packaging at our warehouse. We are not a rental. The guarantee is there for trying the equipment, not for its repeated use.

Länge 220 cm
Sleevelänge 41,5 cm
Grifflänge 131 cm
Lagern 4 besten Nadellagern
Max Tragkraft 700 kg
Anwendung Schweres Gewichtheben, Crossfit
Sleeveoberflächenfinish Hartchrom
Griffoberflächenfinish Hartchrom
Sleevediameter 50 mm
Griff Diameter 28 mm
Zugfestigkeit 206,000 PSI
Zentral Rändeln Fein
Hantelstangetyp Herren-
Gewicht 20 kg
Hantelstangemarkierung IWF