Strong Pump set - 12 barbells and storage rack

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Strong Pump set is fully equipped set for group classes. The package includes CPU weight plates (12 x 5 kg, 12 x 2,5 kg, 12 x 1,25 kg), rack, 12 x barbell and 12 x pair of springs collars. Mehr

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Fill the group classes with our studio set

You want to go with time and you definitely do not want to stay behind the trends. In this case I have a simple recommendation for you. You must buy the StrongGear Pump set and include Les Mills to your program. Do you know what happens? Your fitness center will always be full. You have got a big chance, do not miss it. This investment will allow you bigger one later.

Improve your technique

You do not need to use this set only for group classes. A lighter barbell with smaller plates will be appreciated by every woman or beginner who would like to learn basic exercise such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, shoulder or chest press and many others.

Highly equipped Pump set

Strong Pump set is fully equipped set for group classes. The package includes CPU weight plates (24 x 5 kg, 24 x 2,5 kg, 24 x 1,25 kg), rack, 12 x barbell and 12 x pair of springs collars. The big advantage is that you can train with plates separately or you can put them on the barbell. Manipulation with plates, collars and barbell is pretty fast.



The individual discs are color-coded, so you cannot do the mistake. You will always know which one you need. Thanks to the great design your training space will be colorful.


Side handles

Do not waste your time with difficult manipulation with competitive plates. Our colorful plates have got side handles so manipulation is very easy and fast.


Steel core

Steel is a guarantee of quality, so you do not have to worry about loading the dumbbell with heavy plates but still, be careful.


Foam cover

There is a thin layer of foam on the surface. It is soft, comfortable and make your grip stronger.


Plastic handles

The collars have plastic cover on the grip part. It allows you fast and safe manipulation.


Steel collars with chromed surface

The steel collars have plastic handles and chromed surface. It protects it against corrosion and scratches.

Made of durable polyurethane

All our plates are made of durable polyurethane which can withstand hard impact and frequent use.

Gentle to your equipment

It does not matter what kind of floor or equipment you have. Our studio plates are manufactured in low weight and combined with the polyurethane materials, so your space is protected.

Non-standard diameter of sleeves and plates

The plate sleeves have an unconventional hole diameter of 30 mm. Because of this it is possible to maintain maximum load capacity and minimum length.

Safely secured weight

To ensure your training is as safe as possible you need to use locks. The locks keep the plates in place on the barbell, so you can concentrate on your training without having to worry about the moving of the plates.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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