Slam ball 2 kg - 30 kg - Gewicht: 5 kg

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Is rubber medicine ball. Slam ball is resistant to strong throws on the ground. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00021-7

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Is rubber medicine ball. Slam ball is resistant to strong throws on the ground. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00021-7

Ideal tool for everyone

Everyone has to sometimes bend for something, grab something from the floor or lift it over the head. These are not only the people who regularly train in the gym. Slam Ball is here for everyone! It is for both beginners and for professional athletes. Why is Slam Ball ideal for everyone? Thanks to smart exercise with Slam Ball, you improve your strength, speed and also your psychical condition.

We introduce you StrongGear Slam Ball

Are you ready to meet an exersice tool, which helps you gain unbelievable physical and psychical skill? Thanks to this tool, you build your dream, muscular and good-shaped body. Meet our StrongGear Slam Ball.

Slam ball

Rubber layer

A strong rubber layer protects our Slam ball against hard impact and ensures high resistance.

Slam ball

Non-skid surface

An anti-skid surface ensures that our Slam Ball does not fall from your hand when you throw it and lift it.

Slam ball

Marked weight

For easy weight identification we marked each of our balls with numbers in kilograms. You can choose from fourteen weights.

Benefits of Slam ball training

It is easy to start to train with Slam ball, nothing complicated. You can choose from different weights of our balls. It does not matter if you are beginner or a profi-athlete. You can train with Slam ball all parts of your body in a various type of exercise. The best exercise with Slam ball is to lift it over your head and then throw it behind you or far away but it is quite difficult. During this exercise you will use all your muscles. Workout with this equipment is really funny.

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Farbe Black
Material Special rubber
Non-slip surface Yes