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Extremely durable Sandbag made of cordura in six different sizes. The main advantage is massive zip YKK, reinforced seams for intense training. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGearProduktkode: P00182-6

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Extremely durable Sandbag made of cordura in six different sizes. The main advantage is massive zip YKK, reinforced seams for intense training. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGearProduktkode: P00182-6

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One sandbag, more than a hundred variations of exercise

Are you looking for unlimited training equipment which is easy to storage and suitable for everyone? And it also allows you to perform countless of exercise for all your muscles? If so, you just found it. Sandbag has a long sport tradition. It is included to the workouts of sportsmen, soldiers, police officers and sports teams. It is used in training of youth athletes and in physiotherapy.

Get rid of back pain and strengthen the core

The sandbag works on simple and extremely functional principle. Inside the bag, there is another bag with sand that constantly moves. You must create a lot of strength and stability at the same time. You are forced to use your core muscles which plays a key role in stabilizing of your body.

Change the weight by filling the bag whenever you need

The filling bag inside of the package allows easy and fast weight change. You can fill it with common sand that increase the weight. You can choose from four different bag variants, the largest XXXL hold up to 180 kg of sand, see the table. Filling sand is not included.


Pleasant surface

Pleasant surface ensures that each of the training session will be comfortable because nothing scratches or bites you


Reinforced seams

We had to strengthen all the seams on the bag so you can load it to maximum. Maximal capacity depends on the bag size.


Massive zip

Massive YKK zippers ensure that the bag does not open even during intensive training sessions where the sand spreads from side to side. Therefore, the filling bags are perfectly secured.

Cheap training equipment

Sandbag, in comparison with other equipment or machines, is cheaper and is completely versatile. Training with it is fun but very effective.

No spilled sand

The filling system and the sandbag package do not allow to escape to a single grain of sand. Our sandbag is very well protected.

Six variants

You can choose from six variants of sandbags. Each of them has different dimensions and maximal load capacity. Everybody will choose one.

Made of cordura

Extremely durable technical cloth is resistant against wearing out or tearing. It is more durable than polyester or nylon. You do not have to worry about intense indoor or outdoor workout.

Sandbag type, it's parameters and the capacity.

 Sandbag type

 Dimensions (length x diameter)

 Maximal load capacity

 Small (S)

 25cm x 40cm

 45 kg

 Medium (M)

 35cm x 40cm

 68 kg

 Large (L)

 45cm x 40cm

 90 kg

 Extra large (XL)

 55cm x 40cm

 113 kg

 Extra large (XXL)

 70cm x 40cm

 135 kg

 Extra large (XXXL)

 90cm x 40cm

 180 kg

What type of benefits the sandbag brings to you?

A popular fitness equipment that strengthen your body in natural motion. That's a sandbag. All your favourite exercise with dumbbells or kettlebells are connected together. However, with this equipment you will get something more.

  • Balancing aid to strengthen the muscles that you do not use during normal training.
  • Improves mobility and range of individual joints.
  • Strengthens evenly the body - muscles, bones, tendons
  • Positively affect day-to-day activities - you will feel stronger and more persistent whether you play with kids or do anything in the garden
  • Great functional aid suitable for both individuals and group exercise
  • Increase performance in your sport industry or individual exercise

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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