Safety Spotter Arms

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Strongest Spotter Arms are characterized by high stability, extreme load capacity, plastic protection and support arms. Train like a beast. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGearProduktkode: P00088

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Strongest Spotter Arms are characterized by high stability, extreme load capacity, plastic protection and support arms. Train like a beast. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGearProduktkode: P00088

Safety first

Stronggear Spotter Arms are perfect equipment for your rack and squat stand. As the title suggests their main importance is to prevent unwanted injuries that are a threat during strength training. Especially at home gyms where individuals train alone there is a particularly high risk of injury that is connected with a technically uncontrolled movement. That's a reason why we're making our Strongest Spotter Arms. We try to adapt to your individual requirements. We made a steel safety arms with support arms and plastic protection. For an uncomplicated and quick change of height we use J-Cup-style holder. Include them in your training session and move your performance limits whether you're at home or at the fitness center.

Bezpečnostní ramena - vysoká nosnost

Extreme load capacity and stability

Arms are made of solid steel with diameter 80 x 80 x 3.5 mm and total weight of 16.5 kg / 2 pieces.

Bezpečnostní ramena - podpěrná ramena

Support arms

Thanks to support arms, that increase overall stability and load capacity, the arms can be loaded up to 300 kg.

Bezpečnostní ramena - ochranné oplastování

Plastic protection

Plastic protection prevents against barbell damage and at the same time it dampens vibrations and noise.

Bezpečnostní ramena - úchyt

Easy and quick manipulation

The Stronggear Safety Arms are easily and quickly mounted to your squat stand or rack with a cleverly designed J-cup-style holder. Suitable for all types of cages with 80 x 80 mm square tubes with a 17 mm mounting hole.

Bezpečnostní ramena - kolíky

Safety pins

The main advantage of the safety pins is that they keep the safety arms in the correct position, prevent unwanted movements and increase the safety.

Bezpečnostní ramena - univerzální použití

Universal use

It may seem that you only use Strongest Spotter Arms during squats, but it is not truth. It can be used in pressure exercise such as Bench press, military press and deadlifts, lunges, good mornings etc. Just whenever you want to be safe.

Why are safety arms important in strength sports?

Provided assistance is one of the most important factors in increasing your sport performance. It is generally known that to have a sparring partner or safety arms and belts contribute to a greater sense of safety and reduce mental pressure. Athletes who often practice alone are at much higher risk than those who use this help. The safety arms and straps serve as a preventive measure against injuries. The purpose of all sports is the constant improvement provided by optimal technique. In other things will help you the Stronggear Spotter Arms.

  • Increase safety
  • Have a psychological effect
  • Allow you to break personal limits
  • Support right technique

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Farbe Schwarz
Safety pins Yes
Safety stops Yes
Länge 50 cm
Material Steel
Max Tragkraft 300 kg
The contents of the package 1 pair of spotter arms
Plastic protection Yes
Resistance surface Yes
J-cup-style holder Yes
Gewicht 16,5 kg / pair
Suitable for all types of our Power racks and Squat stands Yes, Square tube 80 x 80 mm, hole diameter 17 mm