Massagerolle - Foam Roller - Farbe: Grün

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foam cylindrical roller for massaging and regeneration of strained or stiff muscles. Mehr

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foam cylindrical roller for massaging and regeneration of strained or stiff muscles. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00024-1 Versand und Zahlung

Speed up your regeneration and improve your performance

The Foam Roller or Massage Foam Roller is one the most popular tools of fitness equipment on the market. It is a very versatile and highly functional tool. Originally it was made from wood and was used by physiotherapists. Its use has now spread into gyms, fitness centres and among athletes. Rollers are used as a balance and regeneration equipment which strengthen body-core, improve stability, joint mobility and increase performance.

How does it work?

Foam roller training causes deep muscle compression which help to release stiff and shortened muscles. This massage is primarily aimed to fascia. Fascia create a cover of all body elements. Each muscle, fibre, organ has own fascial cover. Rolling helps to muscles return to its original length after previous muscle damage that occurred during the workout.

Foam roller

Special surface

Roller length is 34 cm and is covered by durable polyethylene (PE) foam with a 3D pattern for a perfect auto massage. There are two massage zones on the surface both of them simulating a touch of hands. The whole surface is resistant to deformation.

Foam roller

Color variations

You can choose from four color variants. All foam rollers are made from the same material and with the same 3D pattern.

Foam roller

Mobile equipment

There is nothing easier than getting your own foam roller and not just for hygienic reasons. The roller is a very light and practical tool, so you can put in your training bag. The fitness centres will appreciate easy storage and space modesty.

Why to add a foam roller to your training?

Foam rollers can be used for all muscle groups on the body. It works on the principle of compression. It is able to relax the muscles, increase the blood flow, relax the nervous system and speed up regeneration. There is a lot of benefits of using roller.

  • Prevention of injuries and speeding up the regeneration
  • It helps with healing of muscles, bones, skin and other tissues
  • It improves mobility and flexibility
  • It speeds up the removal of lactic acid
  • It saves your money for a physiotherapist
  • It can be used as a training equipment

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Farbe Grün, Schwarz, Orange, Violett
Länge 34 cm
Material Polyethylene foam (PE)
Max Tragkraft 150 kg
Width 15 cm
Gewicht 800 g