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The price includes one piece of dumbbell (no pair).

The basis of success and profits of your gym is a lot of satisfied clients. We will help you get these satisfied customers. Mehr >>

The basic of success and profit of your gym is a lot of satisfied clients. We will help you get those satisfied customers.

Dumbbells are (with Olympic bar) the most frequently used tools in gym. Dumbbells are used for squatting, bench press, overhead press, dumbbell row, lateral raises, biceps curls... Powerlifters, crossfiters, weightlifters, strongmen, hockey players, football players, basketball players they all exercise with dumbbell. There is no athlete who does not use it.

Unfortunately, there are dumbbells in horrible condition in many gyms. Fitness centers then unknowingly discourage clients and therefore missing out on a lot of money. There is no worse thing than having dumbbells with corroded grip, inaccurate weight or tragic knurling in your gym. With such dumbbells you cannot exercise properly.

Imagine that your gym is full of luxury, high-functioning dumbbells which you cannot find in another gym.

Discover StrongGear Hexagon Dumbbells - with rubber grip

  • Ordinary dumbbells have chromed grip.
  • We can offer you something better and unique. The Hexagon dumbbells with rubber grip.
  • Rubber grip is not slippery and remains stable even if you sweat. This type of grip is also more comfortable, it does not scratch you as chromed grip. Clients will definitely appreciate this.
  • Rubber grip does not corrode.
  • Not only it has better functions but also great luxury design thanks to black color.
Jednoruční činky

Well-marked weight

In order to find quickly the right weight. No more counting of small metal plates loaded on ordinary dumbbells.

Jednoruční činky

Dumbbells are covered with rubber

These dumbbells absorb hitting on the ground much better. They save your floor and make less noise.

Jednoruční činky

Hexagonal shape

Dumbbells are stable on the ground. You can easily put it on your shoulders, which strongmen, weightlifters and crossfiters really appreciate.

Long life time

Are you afraid of throwing a dumbbell on the floor because it could be damaged? You do not have to worry about it with our dumbbells. Thanks to the precise metal body with a rubber cove they can withstand any impact.

Ergonomically shaped grip

Dumbbells are always stable in your hands even if you lift heavy weights as it has perfect shape for a strong grip.

There is no "screwing" 

During some exercise athletes use their thighs to help the dumbbell to get to the right position. If there is some "screwing", it might be very uncomfortable.

Exact weight

You do not want your clients to exercise unevenly with some disbalance and injure themselves.

There is no dumbbell like a dumbbell.

Several factors have influence on quality of the dumbbells. There is really important quality of the basic materials (steel, rubber) and technology of the production. The hexagon dumbbell can be manufactured by 3 types of technology:

  1. The knurled grip is manually welded to heavy hexagons
  2. The knurled grip is frictionally welded to heavy hexagons
  3. The knurled grip is put through the hexagon
(1) The knurled grip is manually welded to heavy hexagons - This is the cheapest way how to make a dumbbell. It is also very inaccurate and not really resistant. The knurled grip always burst and hexagon gets broken. The grip part differs among individual dumbbells. This is the most used method of production.
(2) The knurled grip is frictionally welded to heavy hexagons - Friction welding is a more expensive way but very accurate and more durable than manual welding. But this method is not good for heavy dumbbells.
(3) The knurled grip is put through the hexagon - The most durable method is to put the hand grip through the hexagon and weld it after it. There is no chance to damage dumbbells. You do not have to worry after intense using of falling of handgrip on the floor. This is the most complex and expensive method.
Our StrongGear dumbbells are frictionally welded to the 17.5 kg weight and from 20 kg all the handgrips are putted through the hexagon. Only this type of production ensures maximal precision and robustness of the dumbbells. We want the best quality for best price.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can return for FREE all goods until 30 days without giving reason. This means that we pick up the goods that you want to return at your place for free and return the money to your account within 3 days after returning the goods. You need only to write an email to info@stronggear.eu or call +420 777 670 947. The goods must be properly packed to avoid any damage during transportation and must in the same condition. We are not a rental. The guarantee is there for trying the equipment, not for its repeated use.

The price information
The priece includes one piece of dumbbell.
Surface - rubber, Inside - high quality metal
Non-slip surface
1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg, 12.5 kg, 15 kg, 17.5 kg, 20 kg, 22.5 kg, 25 kg, 27.5 kg, 30 kg, 32.5 kg, 35 kg, 37.5 kg

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