Foam plyoboxes set

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The set of soft plyoboxes is ideal for plyometric and explosive power training. It consists of four boxes: 15, 30, 45 and 60 cm height which are made from comprised foam and PVC. On the box side we can find velcro fastening. Mehr

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Develop your dynamics and explosive power of your movements

Do you feel the gaps in explosive power of your legs? Have you ever tried plyometric training? There is a Soft plyobox set that consists of four attachable boxes just for you. You can easily fold up boxes at each other and create perfect training place. You can start to develop the strength power of your leg. Soft plyoboxes are significantly safer than others (wood and steel plyoboxes). You do not have to worry about injuring because edges of the boxes are fully foamed. These boxes are made of different materials than wooden boxes. They are coated with a hard foam and a PVC which gives them a softness and durability. The whole set includes four plyoboxes with heights of 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm and 60 cm and that is a reason why it is suitable for individuals of all performance levels.

Soft plyobox

Compressed foam and PVC

The combination of these two materials ensures enough softness and safety which will be appreciated by your knees and ankles.

Soft plyobox

It saves your space

Individual boxes can be easily stored in the corner of the room or near the wall. However, you can use them as a resting place after box jumps.

Soft plyobox

Non-skid surface

The top of PVC layer has a soft structure that prevents from slips and gives a stability.

Soft plyobox

Velcro fastening

The individual boxes are easily fixed to each other by Velcro fasteners that are located around the box side. You can create very high plyobox that you need for your training.

Soft plyobox

They will also withstand the toughest conditions

Thanks to the durable material they can withstand harsh handling and frequent use, so they are suitable for all types of classic and crossfit gyms.

Soft plyobox

Jump to the height of 150 cm

Stack up the individual plyoboxes to each other and get 150 cm height. If you want to jump on the top of the box you need to be well trained.

Tabata training with plyobox set

Tabata is a 4 minutes interval training that develops both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Parameters: 8 exercises, 20s action, 10 rests, maximum intensity. Try to include this highly intense workout in your fitness program once a week and write us your assessment.

  1. Box jump over
  2. Bulgarian squat with plyobox
  3. Skipping with top touch
  4. Lateral suffle
  5. Clapping push ups
  6. Triceps dips
  7. Plank with move hand over hand
  8. Burpees over the box

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The weight of each plyoboxes Plyobox: 15 cm - approx. 4.5 kg, Plyobox: 30 cm - approx. 6 kg, Plyobox: 45 cm - cca 8 kg, Plyobox: 60 cm - cca 12 kg
Material Compressed foam (inside) and PVC (outside)
Maximales Benutzergewicht 200 kg
Non-slip surface Yes
The contents of the package Soft plyobox 4-set
Resistance surface Yes
Other boxes dimensions 90 x 75 cm (length x width)
Easy to storage and transport Ja
Velcro fastening for easy box fix Yes
Gewicht Whole set: approx. 31 kg
Height 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm
star 1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 Rating value is 5 of 5

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