Farmers walk handles

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The best tool to gain strength and build muscle Mehr

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The best tool to gain strength and build muscle Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00013 Versand und Zahlung

Best tool for getting stronger and gaining muscles

It is not a long ago when my friend Mirek asked me about one interesting thing. If I had to choose ONE of all the equipment's that are available, just ONE of them, what would I choose? And why? I did not think about the answer. I told him immediately: „Definitely the Farms walk handles.“ And now you are – same as my friend – so curious why? I will tell you...

Farmers walk is one of the most complex excercise. Thanks to this complex exercise you can get stronger and build muscles over your whole body. Is it possible to have strong arms, legs, back and abs thanks to only one exercise? Yes, thanks to training with Farmers walk handles, it is possible! 

There were many people in gym who saw me train with Farmers walk handles and they thought what I was doing... Getting stronger and building muscles – that was what I was doing. There are many advantages of Farmers walk Handles - you train your whole body at the same time and build muscles over your whole body – arms, legs, abs, back, strong grip...

Farmers walk handles are ideal for core training. You have to try stand straight all the time and therefore you train your abs, deep muscles for stabilization and many more. There are a lot of exercise that you can do with our FWH: simply just walk, duck walk, you can carry them over your head, in one arm,... But remember you must have a right technique because in every exercice the wrong technique brings more damages than advantages.

We introduce you StrongGear Farmer Walk Handles with unlimited loading capacity

Most of FWH on the market are made only from tubes and therefore have reduced capacity and resistance. Our FWH are made of the finest steel rods. Thanks to that they can hold out everything. The knurled handle provides you comfort while holding and carrying both empty and loaded FWH. Chromium on the surface makes our Farmers walk handles the most luxurious FWH on the market.

Farmářské kufry

Chromed surface

The polished-chrome grip provides an exclusive look and protect FWH against corrosion and scratching.

Farmářské kufry

Exact knurling, deep but gentle

The result is that the bar is fixed, comfortable and stable in your hands.

Farmářské kufry

Stylish caps

New stylish caps at the end of our tool with highlighted weight and for a luxury design of. The advantage is that your clients know exactly how much they lift. 

High quality steel

Thanks to the highest quality steel our FWH can take up to 400 kg. Due to the width of the grip it is almost unreachable weight!

Grip-diameter 30 mm

The thickness of the grip is 30 mm so your grip is very strong, FWH never slip from your hands and you lift more weights.

Olympic diameter of sleeves

With 50 mm diameter you can load all standards Olympic plates. You do not have to buy any new or special plates for this type of diameter.

Set of TWO pieces

You do not need to be scared that we would send you only one piece. Our Farmers walk handles are sold IN PAIRS.

With our Farmers walk handles, you strengthen and activate all muscle groups

Benefits of Farmers walk handles: They are perfect training equipment for full-body training. You build muscles with FWH: upper back, traps, strong grip, legs and more. The Farmers walk handles are ideal for strengthening the centre of the body (CORE). You have to keep your backbone very hard and be upright. Therefore, you are using the abdominal muscles and lower back to stabilize your position during a workout.

  • Arms: if your muscles could speak, they would scream under the weight of FWH during your training!
  • Forearms: Your grip is very intensive and therefore gets stronger.
  • Back and shoulders: All these muscles have to work together to keep your blades in the right position and to stabilize the joints from the other side.
  • Abdomen (core): Farmers walk is an exercise which strengthen your abs without doing a specific abs exercise. Your core helps you to stabilize your position while walking. Contraction of your abs is necessary during the Farmers walk because it saves your lower back.
  • Legs: Because you are walking while training you easily train quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and pelvic muscles.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Länge 153 cm
Sleevelänge 39 cm
Grifflänge 9,14 cm
Lagern Ohne Buchsen
Max Tragkraft 400 kg
Anwendung Zusätzliche Übungen, Strongman
Sleeveoberflächenfinish Chrom poliert
Griffoberflächenfinish Chrom poliert
Sleevediameter 50 mm
Griff Diameter 30 mm
Zentral Rändeln Ohne Rändeln
Hantelstangetyp Special
Gewicht 16,3 kg - one piece FWH
Hantelstangemarkierung -