Deadlift bar

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The StrongGear Deadlift bar is longer and more flexible than other olympic barbells. It has a smaller grip diameter 27 mm and is without center knurling. The Deadlift bar is made of high quality steel with hardchrome coating. Mehr

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The StrongGear Deadlift bar is longer and more flexible than other olympic barbells. It has a smaller grip diameter 27 mm and is without center knurling. The Deadlift bar is made of high quality steel with hardchrome coating. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00075 Versand und Zahlung

Born to deadlift

The Deadlift Bar is an extraordinary long, flexible barbell for deadlifts. It defeats their competitors not only in the material and specifications but also in price. Deadlift bars are used by the strongest strongmen in the world which we can see in the Arnold Strongman Classic. That make the deadlift bar special in the world of strength training because they must withstand the heaviest weight.

Unchangeable parameters make Deadlift bar unique

The diameter of the Deadlift bar is 27 mm (less than conventional). This is a very significant difference that will make athletes with smaller hands and fingers happy. This diameter is good for everyone because your grip will be stronger, so you lift more. The smaller barbell diameter increases flexibility which helps you lift heavy weights. Also the total length of the barbell is 230 cm which is 10 cm longer than the standard Olympic barbell. The sleeves have 2 x 37.5 cm. It allows you to put many plates.

Mechanically tested for extreme performance

Characteristic feature is also aggressive knurling that covers the barbell. The exception is the central part which is smooth. All our barbells are thoroughly mechanically tested. As a result, we know where is a safe border in lifting of heavy weights. Specifically, the deadlift bar has a maximum load 700 kg.

Different from others

Everyday you hear the opinion that the deadlift bar must be strong, solid and can never bend. The reality is a little bit different. The reason why someone wants a deadlift bar is simple. The flexibility of deadlift bar makes lifting easier because you gradually lift one plate in sequence. The result is simple. You will be able to lift more weight than ever before. When you start lifting plate to plate you are in better position than if you are lifting all plates in one time. You will surely meet with the idea that say: "it is a cheating. " Therefore, we do not want to go into this discussion and leave you to make your own opinion.

Dealift bar - hrubé vroubkování

Aggressive knurling for a firm grip

Precise knurling, deep and gross to hold the barbell firmly in your hand. Even while practicing the heaviest deadlifts the bar won't slip from your hands.

Deadlift bar - Chromovaný povrch

Chromed surface

Bright silver hard chrome to make your bar protected from corrosion and with luxury design.

Deadlift bar - úchop

27 mm grip diameter

The deadlift bar has a 27 mm grip diameter. This is the ideal diameter for strong grip. With this diameter you lift more than with standard one.

Deadlift bar - značené uchyty

IPF marking

On the bar the measurements are marked according to IPF (two rings 81 cm apart from each other) so you know exactly where to grab the bar.

Deadlift bar - hladká středová část

No center knurling

The bar has no center knurling, it is a typical sign of Deadlift bar.

Deadlift bar - čepičky

Stylish caps

At the end of our bar with the grip and weight mark for the luxury design. The advantage is that your clients will always know how much they lift.

Deadlift bar - delší než ostatní

Longer than other barbells

You can not overlook this barbell. It might seem that the barbell needs a special holder but it is not true. You can put it in our Tiers gun or Vertical bar hangers.

Deadlift bar - široká pouzdra

Massive plate stops

The massive plate stops have one big advantage. It moves plates far away from the center. Thanks to this fact you can lift more weight because barbell (central part) will be more bend and you lift weight from better starting position.

Deadift bar - Bronzová pouzdra

Bronze cases

The bar spins slowly but smoothly. This adds even more to your stability. The last thing you want while performing deadlifts is the plates to spin furiously.

High load capacity

During our testing we put Deadlift bar to extreme weight (700kg). Result? No changes. Barbell remained absolutely straight. It makes it one of the strongest and most reliable barbells on the market.

Exact weight and measurements

Exact weight and measurement. This is what is desirable in your training – to lift safely as much as possible.

Barbell that draws attention

With 230 cm it will be the longest barbell in your gym. Longer lengths do not have effect on maximal load capacity and the whole strength. This barbell will draw attention of all strength athletes.

Flexible steel

A combination of right parameters and materials make it a perfectly flexible barbell.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can return for FREE all goods until 30 days without giving reason. This means that we pick up the goods that you want to return at your place for free and return the money to your account within 3 days after returning the goods. You need only to write an email to or call +420 777 670 947. The goods must be properly packed to avoid any damage during transportation and must in the same condition. We are not a rental. The guarantee is there for trying the equipment, not for its repeated use.

Länge 230 cm
Sleevelänge 37,5 cm
Grifflänge 142 cm
Lagern Bronzebuchsen
Material Stahl
Max Tragkraft 700 kg
Anwendung Deadlift
Sleeveoberflächenfinish Hartchrom
Griffoberflächenfinish Hartchrom
Sleevediameter 50 mm
Griff Diameter 27 mm
Zentral Rändeln Ohne Rändeln
Hantelstangetyp Special
Gewicht 20 kg
Knurling at the grip part Deep aggressive