Competitive StrongGear Kettlebell 8 kg - 36 kg - Gewicht: 16 kg

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Shape your body with StrongGear competition kettlebell Mehr

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Shape your body with StrongGear competition kettlebell Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00047-7 Versand und Zahlung

Shape your body with StrongGear competitive kettlebell

Kettlebell is a special dumbbell shaped as a ball with handle. Metal kettlebell thanks to its shape enables you to perform a lot of exercise which you cannot do with other dumbbells.

Kettlebell is one of the best fitness equipment for body forming. It is cheap and practical, so it is very good for home training. It will help you gain muscle mass, increase flexibility, strength, mobility.

We removed all bad features such as slippery handles, unbalance, unsuitable dimensions, poor quality of materials and improved good ones to create a unique kettlebell.

Competitive design

The competitive design of the kettlebell means that every weight variation has the same dimension. For example: 8 kg KB has same dimensions as 20 kg or 48 kg KB.

It has a lot of advantages. If you train with normal kettlebell you always have a problem with dimensions. 4 kg or 12 kg KB are small and the handle is short. It is not good for a strong grip. Manipulation with small kettlebells is really difficult.

On the other hand, bigger weights are too big. The handle is thick and too far from the bottom. The overall dimension of the kettlebell (36 kg and more) is not good for a safe training. Competitive kettlebells eliminate this problem. They have perfect dimension for training whether you're training with 8 kg or 48 kg KB.

Competitive kettlebells have another advantage. Kettlebell training brings result in gaining strength and muscle mass. But if we train with normal kettlebell, we have to use bigger and heavier kettlebells. Different dimension means there is change in techniques and we have to start to learn a new technique. This is not necessary with our competitive kettlebells. The size of the kettlebell remains the same as well as the technique.

These two benefits bring faster and easier results from training. You do not have to change the technique and be restricted by unsuitable dimension.

Discover StronGear Kettlebell - Kettlebell born for hard training

Závodní KB

Ergonometric depressions

You know that, training with heavier kettlebell always hurts. Thanks to these depressions the weight of the kettlebell is spread over the larger forearm area. It makes training comfortable and ease the pain.

Závodní KB

Color coded

All our competitive kettlebells have the same outer dimension so we've added color marks on the handle. It helps users to quickly differentiate the weight. Every kettlebell has numerical weight marked on the surface.

Závodní KB

Strong Surface

There is the biggest difference if you compare with other kettlebells. Thanks to Strong Surface coating with fine texture the grip is very comfortable and KB is stable in your hands. The Strong Surface keeps chalk or magnesium perfectly on the surface under all circumstances, for example when you sweat.

Excellent process

Before final coating we must proceed perfectly every kettlebell's surface. Ordinary kettlebells have welds and sharp inequality on the whole surface. Our kettlebells are under firm review. In addition, we do not weld the handle.

Wide straight base

Does your old KB wobble if you put in on the floor? It is a past with our KBs. Our KBs have wide straight base. It allows you to do a lot of exercise.

Perfectly weighted

Maximal weight variation is under 1%! Our products are perfectly weighted, so you get the kettlebell with exact weight.

7 reasons why to include kettlebell into your training

Main promoter and father of Kettlebell Pavel Tsatsouline (instructor of the Russian Special Forces and founder of Strong First) said: "Kettlebell training is hard. It is hard for the heart, muscles, everything. So exercise, move and do not sit at home and watch TV, otherwise you will be still tired.".

  1. Functional training based on natural motion
  2. With one KB you can do strength training but also cardio training
  3. With KB you strengthen the whole body and burn fat
  4. Reduces the risk of injury and increases joint mobility
  5. Exercise with KB is fun, it's never boring
  6. It saves your time and gives results
  7. You can train anytime, anywhere, you do not need any special equipment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Price information After you place your order, we will get back to you with shipping quotation., The priece includes one piece of kettlebell (no pair).
Griff Diameter 33 mm
Handle width Inner - 12cm; outer - 19cm
Gewicht 8 kg, 12 kg, 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg, 28 kg, 32 kg, 36 kg
Höhe 282 mm