Cambered bar

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Hersteller: StrongGearProduktkode: P00223

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Hersteller: StrongGearProduktkode: P00223

Fresh new workouts

Everyone squats, and who says he don't, he probably squat twice more often. But, what if stagnation cames, weight increases slowly and squating is not as fun as it was? It's time to include special barbells and unusual excercises to your workouts. Thanks to Cambered bar, you get different feeling, will strengthen your core muscles and improve stability, which helps you lift more weight comfortably.

Different shape, different grip

Biggest difference between olympic bar and Cambered bar is in grip. Often, when you have dificulty with holding barbell, because of injury or pain in your shoulders, it's impossible to squat properly. Standard barbell is hold above shoulder level and slightly beyond body axis, but Cambered bar is hold below shoulders and slightly in front of the body. So it's easier and more comfortable to hold it even for less motive ones.



Cambered bar - vroubkování

Knurling on three parts

You not only find knurling on the center part, but also on the vertical connector and next to the sleeves. So you can easily choose where to grip the barbell.

Cambered bar - sváry

Quality welding

Barbell is well welded and undergoes several stages of quality control. You don't have to worry about breaking it, even under heavy load.

Cambered bar - čepičky


Stylish caps

On the end of our bar is the grip diameter and weight mark. You always know what stands in front of you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Länge 224 cm
Sleevelänge 36,5 cm
Lagern Ohne Buchsen
Max Tragkraft 350 kg
Anwendung Zusätzliche Übungen, Squat, Bench press
Sleeveoberflächenfinish Hartchrom
Griffoberflächenfinish Hartchrom
Sleevediameter 50 mm
Griff Diameter 30 mm
Hantelstangetyp Special
Gewicht 40 kg
Knurling at gripping part Yes - depp knurling