Buffalo bar

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Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00222 Versand und Zahlung

Squat more!

Squat is the essential strength exercise, thats what every powerlifter or crossfiter know, but not everyone can squat as much as he want. Often, the pain in the back, shoulders or hands, is the reason. But it's over now, StrongGear Buffalo bar is here! Bar which is specially designed for safer and "not so painful" squat.

Unique bowing design

Bow shape curve helps to spread the weight through the trapezius muscle and also significantly reduces the pressure on biceps tendon and shoulders. Bar is also usefull in bench press because the shape gives you bigger range of motion.


Buffalo bar - vroubkování

Long knurling

Central part is knurled along almost the entire length, so it stays in the same position during the excercise.

Buffalo bar - prohnutá osa

The bow shape design

Unique shaped design of the barbell mainly helps with squats, but you can also use it while bench pressing.

Buffalo bar - povrch

Chromed surface

Bright silver hard chrome to make your bar protected from corrosion and with luxury design.

Buffalo bar - čepičky

Stylish caps

On the end of our bar is the grip diameter and weight mark. You always know what stands in front of you.

Buffalo bar - bronzová pouzdra

Bronze cases

The bar spins slowly and smoothly. This adds even more to your stability. The last thing you want while performing squats is to make plates to spin furiously.

Buffalo bar - úchyty

Marked grip

There are two mark rings on the grip part that shows you an optimal grip width so you know where to hold the barbell.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Länge 220 cm
Sleevelänge 32 cm
Grifflänge 141 cm
Lagern Bronzebuchsen
Max Tragkraft 350 kg
Anwendung Squat, Bench press
Sleeveoberflächenfinish Hartchrom
Griffoberflächenfinish Hartchrom
Sleevediameter 50 mm
Griff Diameter 30 mm
Zentral Rändeln Tief
Hantelstangetyp Special
Gewicht 20 kg