Black Bumper Plates

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Where other bumper plates end, there TRUESTEEL bumper plates just start to warm up. Mehr

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Where other bumper plates end, there TRUESTEEL bumper plates just start to warm up. Mehr

Hersteller: TRUESTEEL Produktkode: P00016 Versand und Zahlung

Where other bumper plates end the TRUESTEEL bumper plates start to warm up

Ordinary bumper plates are usually made of recycled rubber and cheap plastic mixtures. Such plates withstand only 3,000 - 15,000 impacts and the market is overwhelmed by them.

Unfortunately, you can see it in most of the fitness centres. The plate cores begin to fall, plates start to bend, and over time they begin to fall apart. Fitness owners also sometimes forbid people from throwing their bars loaded and unknowingly discourage clients and potentially lose lots of money.

Discover the TRUESTEEL bumper plates – the most durable bumper plates

TRUESTEEL bumper plates are made of top-quality rubber and thickeners. We produce very hard, compact and durable bumper plates. Even the 5 kg TRUESTEEL bumper plates endure several thousand drops. Other brands cannot do this – you cannot drop the barbell with ordinary 5 kg plates at all as they bend, crack and fall apart.

10, 15, 20 and 25 kg plates are tested for 30 000 drops from 250 cm height onto a 2 cm thick rubber. 5 kg plates endure 5 000 landings minimum.

Top-quality thickeners assure a compact mixture which does not crumble. So, the inner steel rings do not fall out.

TRUESTEEL bumper plates in details

TRUESTEEL black bumper plates guarantee first grade quality and they will satisfy all your gym clients. Connect your name with our brand and bet on uncompromising quality of products.

Černé bumper kotouče

One as the other

All bumper plates (even 5 kg) have an outer diameter of 450 mm and great black design. From a distance you would not know the difference between them.

Černé bumper kotouče

Steel core

The strong ring in the middle of the plate is made of steel and provides comfortable and fast use of plates.

Černé bumper kotouče

Olympic diameter

The most universal and official dimension (50 mm) of international federations. Our plates are a great alternative for preparing for a competition.

Plates bounce only a bit

TRUESTEEL bumper plates bounce only a little to make the training safer. Our bumper plates are thinner, so you can load even 270 kg or more on the barbell (if you use the 25 kg of plates).

Weight tolerance max. 0,5 %

All our plates are perfectly balanced the maximum possible irregulation is 0.5%. You lift exactly the same weight that is marked on the plate.

High quality rubber

Plates are made of top-quality rubber and with only the best thickeners. There is no plastic (PVC).

Extremely durable

Our 10, 15, 20 and 25 kg plates are tested for 30 000 drops and 5 kg plates endure minimally 5 000 landings. This is something other plates can't do.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All goods can be returned FREE of charge within 30 days after purchase without giving reason. This means that we pick up the goods that you want to return at your place for free and return the money to your account within 3 days after returning the goods. You only need to write an email to or call +420 777 670 947. The goods must be properly packed to avoid any damage during transportation and must be in the same condition as they were during packaging at our warehouse. We are not a rental. The guarantee is there for trying the equipment, not for its repeated use.

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Price information After you place your order, we will get back to you with shipping quotation., The price includes one piece of plate.
Material Steel ring - the highest quality rubber
Mechanically calibrated Yes
Plate diameter 5 kg - 45 cm, 10 kg - 45 cm, 15 kg - 45 cm, 20 kg - 45 cm, 25 kg - 45 cm
Hole diameter Olympic 50 mm (50,4 mm)
Plate Width 5 kg - 24 mm, 10 kg - 37 mm, 15 kg - 47 mm, 20 kg - 60 mm, 25 kg - 72 mm
Plate type For training
Gewicht 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg