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Universal weight training equipment, stable construction, safe, easy to storage with a lifting capacity of 200 kg. Mehr

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Universal weight training equipment, stable construction, safe, easy to storage with a lifting capacity of 200 kg. Mehr

Hersteller: StrongGear Produktkode: P00372 Versand und Zahlung

Stable multifunctional P-bars for full body training

Multipurpose parallel bars are designed to be easy to move but they retain their stability which is important for weight training. The durable steel frame has low weight but extreme lifting capacity. Therefore, multipurpose P-bars are suitable for everyone. They found their place in fitness centers, CrossFit gyms as well as in home gyms. An unquestionable advantage is that you can put P-bars together and minimize the exercise space.

Durable material

Steel construction guarantees long-lasting life of bar.

Train everywhere, indoors and outdoors

With the P-bar you can train anywhere. They are ideal for the gym, at home and for outdoor training.

Space saving

The multifunction bars can be placed almost anywhere. Small size, great usability and easy storage.

Strengthening of the whole body

The versatility of P-bars is manifested in their multifaceted use. They are suitable for speed, strength and endurance. Put them in your training program in the form of a circuit training and you will find that for most of the exercise you will need only one equipment.

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200 kg load capacity

A massive steel construction allows training to individuals of all weight categories.

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Non-skid surface

Whatever you do, safe and powerful grip is provided by non-skid surface.

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Easy storage

Parallel bars can be easily inserted and placed wherever you want. Thanks to its size it will become a perfect equipment for building of your body. 

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All equipment included

The package also includes complete equipment which is necessary to build it.

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Smart construction

P-bars are not welded to the base. It means they have better stability and that you can load more weight.

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Anti-skid raised legs

Waterproof, anti-skid feet protection of your floor from damage. They also dampen vibrations. At the same time raised legs ensure stability on uneven surfaces.

Perfect exercises with multipurpose parallel bars

P-bars are one of the basic equipment for functional training. The list of exercise they offer is big. For this reason, the portable P-bars will allow you to train all muscle groups. You do not have to buy dozens of other often expensive equipment. You will need just one.

Upper body workout: push ups, triceps push ups, lying pull ups, weight shifting with using P-bars, move hand over hand, plank with using P-bars, leg raising with P-bars

Lower body workout: jumping over the P-bars, bulgarian squats, agility with using P-bars

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Farbe Schwarz
Material Stahl
Non-slip surface Yes
Max Tragkraft 200 kg
Durable finish Yes
Antislip pads Yes
Griff Diameter 34 mm
Weite 62 cm
Easy storage and transport Ja
Gewicht 11,5 kg
Höhe 70 cm