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is a pad for a safe and effective sit-ups exercise. When inserting the ab mat beneath the lumbar spine, you get the body in the appropriate position to activate the abdominal muscles and allow them to get over the entire range of motion. Mehr

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Train your abdominal muscles in full range of motion

Ab mat is an excellent tool for sit ups. It prevents pain during exercise and helps to train abdominal muscles more intensely than it can be done on a flat surface. This pad will take you to a position where the body has to engage also deep abdominal muscles. It also prolongs the movement because ab mat allows a slight but safe deflection of loins in the initial position.

Durable material

The Ab Mat surface is made of quality leather with printed logo. Inside the pad there is a foam that protects your spine.

Full range of motion

The Ab mat allows to the abdominal muscles to be fully engaged. It allows a slight bending of your spine.

Ergonometric shape

The ergonomic shape in combination with a soft filling prevents against injury and adapts to the spinal curve.

Easy to store and mobility

Ab mat is an extremely practical thing because it has minimal dimensions and low weight. The quality of this product will be appreciated by commercial fitness centres and home gyms.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Farbe Black
Länge 36 cm
Material Surface - leatherette, Inside - artificial foam
Width 30 cm
Gewicht 0,5 kg
Height 7 cm
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